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i was just looking for some advice. i have researched lupus nd from what i can tell there is a huge variety of symptoms. let me give you a background.i have mother who has lupus who is medicated with hydroxychloriquine when i was younger i suffered with migraines i am now 28 the migraines started at 6 and regressed around 18 years of age. at 15 i had mono was hopitilised withit and also had quinsy. i first noticed a lymph node around 1cm when i was very young i have a job as a hca and became very aware of lymph nod involment of numerous conditionsn and so self examined i have one maybe just bigger than 1cm left side of neck and one the same side on the right i have "sgotty" nodes on left which come and go. the bigger ones have been the same size since i noticed them none are painfull and al are rubbery and move. i do not have a butterfly rash but do get a rash on my chest youcan see it if i wear a v neck jumper. this is excarbated by the sun. i get round patches of dry skin with defined edges they are itchy but not badly. i get them mainly on arms and top of bqack occassionaly on neck and face. i do get head sores but not as often however all of these were consderbly worse during pregnancy. i do not suffer with recurrent utis but often have slight protein in urine. my hands cramp/ache and get sharp pains done them and my feet sometimes also do this my left hip often plays up and feels like it needs to click. i get occasional headaches. these things happen sporadically however sometimes if i feel run dow everything comes at once. i have iron defficency aneamia iam not vegeterian this is treated with folic acid and ferritin. i have had a few bouts of low b12 levels. i have been to the doctor who totaly dismissed my anxiety about it all especially the nodes which are my main worry. i pushed to be screened for lupus however he would not do the ana etc instead he is sending me to a rhumatologist. the gp continued to tell me it could not be lupus as i do not have the rash however my mother doesnot. does this sound like lupus and what should i be telling the specialist with out souding neurotic. i aso get big red blotches after bath or shower with white bumo in the iddle very very itchy.
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i forgot to mention i hve had routine bloods which aare normally within ranges however sometime low wcc and low monocyte only slightly though
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Hi and WELCOME to MedHelp Lupus forum!

It is very possible that you could have lupus.  I would strongly recommend that you spend time in the sun prior to your ANA being tested.  Just around 10-20 min. (depending on the strength of the sun) before you go into see the dr.  I left early for my appointment and just stood outside the door.  What this does is, if you have lupus, it will cause an anutoimmune response and cause your ANA to spike.  This will help out in the dx process.  Otherwise, it would be best for you to STAY OUT of the sun.  Until you know otherwise.

Another test you have not mentioned is a vit D test.  Most people w/ autoimmune disorders have low vit D.  

Lupus is a progressive disease.  So I agree w/ your mother.  I started out with a very mild malar rash, but as time has gone by, it has become much more promonent.  As far as the lymph node goes, I wouldn't concern myself.  I've had a swollen lymph node in the same location for over 14 years.  The dr. told me unless it grows there is nothing to worry about.  It will become painful sometimes in the Spring.  

The most common symptoms of lupus are joint pain w/swelling, fatigue and the rash.  These symptoms wax and wane.  The joint swelling is not immediately evident.  My joints didn't start to turn red and swell until about a year and a half of tremendous symptoms.  So, yes, it is a progressive disease in some.  I have heard of some that have symptoms that come on suddenly w/ organ involvement.  

Other things that can mimic lupus are: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and lymes.  There are also other tick born illnesses that can mimc as well.  

Keep in mind that since your mother has lupus, your ANA will probably be elevated too, just because you have a genetic factor in your family.  If your ANA is a low titer, they may not get too excited.  That's where the sun exposure comes in at.  The ANA is also just one (1) of the 11 criteria for lupus.  Anemia is another.  If you would like for me to send you the criteria and other related symptoms I can.

How long has your mother had lupus and how is she doing on her medication.  I too am taking the generic of plaquinel.  It has giving me my life back!

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thanks for the advice much appreciated and thanks for the tip i would appreciate it if you sent me the info mentioned. my mum is doing well she does still have flares and the plaquinal cause side effects(flactulance) wich she hates but would rather that. she has one bad uti per year with bleeding in urine etc. she has skin flare ups uite often obviously worse in summer but she is 100 times better since meds. she has to have ranitidine and at times amiltriptyline (for neuralgia) thank you again
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As you may have caught on, I'm a vitamin nut.  I have found that chlorophyll capsule really help w/ flatulance amazingly!  I've had irritable bowel for many years.  Years and years before I knew I had lupus.  That symptoms seemd to go hand and hand w/ bowel problems.  

There are 11 criteria for a lupus dx.  You must have at least 4 of the 11 to recieve a dx.

They are:
1. malar rash over cheeks (butterfly rash)
2. discoid rash, red raised patches
3. photosensitivity - reaction to sunlight, resulting in skin rash
4. oral and nose ulcers
5. arthritis
6. serositis - inflamation of the lining of the lung or heart
7. reanl disorder - excessive protein in urine and/or cellular casts
8. neurologic disorder - seizures, or psychosis
9. anemia or low white blood countor lymphopenia or low platelet count
10. positive ANA
11. positive anti-DNA or anti-Sm, or antiphospholipid antibody or false pos. syphilis test

Other symptoms are:
abdominal pain
chest pain
shortness of breath
blood in urine
hair falling out
muscle pain and weakness
poor memory
poor circulation in fingers and toes
tingling in extremities
weight loss
abdominal pain
blurred vision
raynauds (where fingers turn white when cold)
intollerance to cold
sore throat
...to name a few
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