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my 10 year old daughter

my ten year old daughter has been suffering from pain and spasams in her left thigh for about 3 months now, they come and go but she its unable to walk for about two days from the day the pain starts. i been told it was growing pains but at age two she was very sick and was told she had a low white blood cell count and could be lupus. i dont know what to do.
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We are a very supportive and intimate group of people that share an interest in learning more about Lupus.  You will have opportunity to learn from others who share your concerns. Some have had Lupus for some time, and some are just searching for answers to the array of symptoms they have.  Just know that there are no questions that are too weird, silly or delicate here.  

If you need any help with the web site, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you.  There are a lot of ways you can use this forum.  

One of them is to go to the "Health Pages".  The link is in the upper right hand corner.  Here you will find many of your medical questions answered.

You can communicate privately with anyone by sending them a "message.'  The post and quick notes can be seen by everyone.  

MedHelp also has several trackers you might be interested in.  1) autoimmune tracker 2) symptom checker  3) drug interaction checker & 4) the pill identifier.
To access these:
>Click on My MedHelp
>Click on Health Trackers
>Select the tracker you want
I would like to ask some questions about your daughter.  Has she had any lab work since she started having these muscle spasms?

Something really inexpensive and wouldn't hurt is to give your daughter some magnesium.  She might have a calcium/magnesium defciency.  Ask your pharmacist for the amount a 10 year old should take.  Also, if she drinks a lot of soft drinks, that could cause muscle twitches.  

It's hard to think about a 10 year old's body getting ready for cycles, but that might be what is going on as well.

Most people with lupus also have joint pain and skin involvement (ex. rash on face).  They certainly can't dx lupus by a low WBC count alone.  

Does she jump alot, like on a trampolin?  This too can cause muscle pain and twitches.

Praying that all of this works it's self out.
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