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nasal folds

I'm reading Dr. Daniel Wallace's book on Lupus.

This is my question?  He explains that nasolabial folds are the outer parts of nose and cheek that meet upper lip and usually not affected by Lupus.

This got me confused--I'm not sure if he means the skin by the nose and beside the cheek or when he says upper lip does that mean under the nose?

Also he mentions that USUALLY not affected by Lupus.  Does that mean some people still may have Lupus if it's not in that area where the rash is?

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What does he say in his book regarding these folds? Thanks...
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Hi, I went and googled nasolabial folds and found this page with pictures of the lines you usually get with age from the sides of your nose that go down to either side of your mouth.  Lots of women get them filled in.  slide down on page to see pics.

PS I read that book.  It is great.  Read Dr. Lahita's book also.
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