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new lupus

Hi everyone I have been newly diagnosed with lupus.. I already have MS, lyme, and osteogenisis..  I really wish that i can have just one day to not be in pain and be able to do the things i used to be able to do.. But I am still trying to keep my spirits up.
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Hello and welcome to the sight.  I have lupus, osto, and lyme  and a couple of other things also, so I understand how hard it is to keep on going. I find music really helps, making myself keep to some sort of routine, and now talking with others who share the same pain and problems.
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Hi there.  Sanmye is right.  It helps to be able to share what you're going through, but also to get pointers from others who are going through the same things you are.  I also find that music helps.  I listen to Christian music because it builds my faith and brings me closer to God, who I find my strength.  I find routine harder to maintain, because some days are better than others.  And some days I just need more rest.  But I really try not to lay around feeling sorry for myself.  There is always something I can find to be thankful for.  

Probably everyone here on this forum has found themselves deep in that hole where they feel like there is no way out of all of this.  And true, there are no easy answers that are going to instantly pull anyone out of that dark place.  But keeping a positive attitude can go a long way.  When I have a bad day...even if it turns into a bad week or two....I will say (out loud) tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow I will be stronger.  Trusting God for my strength.  

I hope this helps somewhat.  We want to be here for you, to help you, little by little, rise up.
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Consider joining the American Chronic Pain Association and ordering their CDs that provide guided imagery relaxation skills to reduce pain.
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