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plaquenil allergy

I took plaquenil for 3 days and started to get a very bad rash. Not only was I itchy but I started getting blisters and hardened, peeling skin. After 2 weeks it started getting better and now two weeks past that, the rash is back again and it seems to be effecting my breathing. I feel like I have asthma. It is very frightening. Is there anything I can do? I'm on prednisone and it is not helping this at all
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You need to take a couple benedryl's and race to the doctor!  
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I am currently going through the same thing.  I broke out with a rash and intense itching two weeks after I stopped taking Plaquenil because of headaches from Plaquenil.  I was given an injection of Kenalog and I am still taking prednisone as well as two antihistamines.  It is now going on four weeks and is much better but it is still there.  Hope you will get relief soon.
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I am on plaquenil, for Lupus......It is working great for me.....I was on prednisone, in my opinion that is the worst drug in the world to be on....It makes you gain excessive amounts of wieght if on it to long....Just be ver carfeul
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