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sun and flare ups

I have lupus as well as MS. I was recently away and stupidly sat on the balcony without sunblock for an hour. Could that be  the reason I am suddenly even more fatigued and feeling feverish at night? I can't believe I did that...dumb dumb dumb. Fortunately for me, lupus is rather mild, although internist says the kidney disease I have (which is in control) is related to lupus. Also had a headache for 3 days afterwards.
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I know w/ lupus it seems that certain things can trigger flares.  When I get sick, it sometimes will trigger one.  And it seems I can't come out of it.  With me, sun exposure can cause some symptoms, but after a day or two I'm OK.  

Were you dx w/ MS first or lupus.  I've honestly wondered if I have both.  If you could send me a personal message on the difference between the two because I know that lupus can cause neurological symptoms when it attacks the nervous system.  
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I went to my endocrinologist yesterday.He thinks I have lupus..but says he cant diagnose me with it cause hes not a rhumy.But hes good friends with my neurologist so hes gunna talk with him.But about the ms..I have alot of things that are more in tune with ms-including lesions on my mri.But  I guess theyre gunna swing with lupus as mt sis has it.And when I get out of a hot bath..I can hardly move.I was diagnosed with fibro and cfs,but like I said,more ms symtoms than not.
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check this out


A real eye opener!  You won't look at cfs the same after reading this.
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Hi there -
Wanted to add that being exposed to UV rays (whether from sun or artificial) is the NUMBER ONE trigger for a lupus flare, and is a hallmark symptom.  It can cause not only skin symptoms, but triggers the antibodies that can cause a VERY serious flare (if you have organ involvement, it can trigger a flare there as well).  I become VERY ILL if unprotected in the sun, even if just for a half hour or so.
So - please be careful and follow the guidelines of the LFA - wear stong SPF protection as well as a hat whenever possible when being out in the sun.  For the best sunscreens, go to the LFA website for the list of the most effective ones...Good luck.
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