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CD57 28 & reactive band 66

About 12 years ago I was put in the hospital and put on Iv antibiotics. To date the dr couldn't figure out what my problem was but I was sick. For 2 years after that I had severe migraines. I wa spit on maintenance medication. Eventually they went away. Since then I have been SO tired. I have gained quite a bit of weight, my memory has been bad for a few years, and some other symptoms. Last week I tested reactive on band 66 only, my cd 57 came back at 28, I am low on Vit D, and my EOS absolute came back a little high. I was told by an herbalist I had Chrinic Lyme. I have an appointment in 2 weeks with an Infectious Disease Dr.  Does this really sound like Chrionic Lyme??  I am only 39. I have a set of 6 year old twins and I am so tired all the time I don't want to do anything. I am scared but I want to get better. What do they usually do for Chronic Lyme if this is what I have?
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Hello. I just got my CD57 test back today and it is also 28. I am not a mother but I nanny for two kids everyday. I know the feeling of almost not being able to take care of everything that a child needs because of fatigue. I am also about to embark on this chronic lymes treatment journey. If you would like someone to vent to or just someone who understands a little please feel free to text me at (573)-673-1755.
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Hi my email is ***@****. I would prefer to use that method of contact. I finally had an infectious dr agree to see me. She ordered more labs and I have no idea what they might be. What labs have you had done?
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