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2 questions: Can Nystatin cause bad herx&next best thing to rifampin

I started my treatment the other day & I knew to expect a herx reaction... But this is the first time I've even been able to type for awhile.. I was up ALL night , laying there , rocking back and forth, crying out in pure agony, kicking my legs, flailing my arms, trembling all over & it felt like there was something evil in me, in my muscles, in my entire body. Still does today but much more mild bc i havent taken my meds yet (I am dreading my noon dose but obviously not gonna give up..that would be dumb & again, NO WAY AROUND IT if i wanna get better and I DO). I keep thinking "Idk if I can do this" & crying a lot. It feels like the worst RLS but not just in my legs..all over my body..my arms, groin/hip area,even my face tightens up and feels creepy crawly. Any advice?   I put a pic of my meds I am on. Minus Rifampin (cant handle it so LLD is switching to something else for the Bart since it interacts with pain medication).. plus I have hives (clear but bumpy and small esp on chest). So I have a couple
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I am so sorry you are going through all of this. As for nystatin, I take that and I have never heard of anyone herxing from it. You are most likely herxing from the abx for Bart's. I had a bad herx from rifampin but then I got use to it.

If you have hives you should let your doctor know. In the short term Benadryl usually helps that.
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