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2years low fever

My mom is 51y.old and she has low fever(37,6C)for the last 2 years(2times-month)with only having sometimes tremors and pain in the shoulders the time she is having fever ONLY!!All the other days she is fine she has good appetite and no fatigue.Her medical history is that she has 15years hypothyroidism treated with medication daily and 7y ago early menopause.Last 6months we find that she has 2small echinococcal cysts on the post.part of the liver with asbestos surrounded-no signs there of inflammation and  after 6months they are smaller a little.Plus she has intestinal diverticular disease-went to a gastroenterology and they appear normal-no signs of inflammation and she concerns about them with her food. Surgical history only amygdalectomy-as a child and 2 Cesarean.We are from Greece and she also traveled those 2 years in romania turkey monternegro and italy thats why we also search about infectious diseases she did a lot of specific tests but nothing .Family history nothing important but we also check about rheumatological causes she got negative tests and gynecological is also fine.What more to think for????Any help please!!!thanks
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