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Always be alert for signs of relapse IF you've been in remission

Relapsing after a long remission is not something that ALWAYS happens---- but it does happen. I just read about a woman who had been 'well' for years and now is relapsing (but getting treated). Of all the people I didn't think this would happen to---- she was at the top of the list.

So, if you think you're 'cured' always keep a wary eye for any symptoms appearing and get back into treatment right away!
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Just curious.....how does one differentiate between a relapse and a new case of Lyme?
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It would very hard to unless you knew you had had a tick attached in the near past. A bulls eye rash might be a clue for a new infection---- but those have been known to appear at a much later date.

The IgG and the IgM aren't good indicators either for they, also, can be different on different days for the same person.

But there's no really clear way to differentiate---- but the treatment would be almost the same so.......

Then there's co-infections.......

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Oh man!  I'm in remission now, and every twinge gets me frantic.  I hope I never have to go through what I did this past 18 months again.
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So glad you're in remission! That is great news.  Definitely don't hesitate to get back to your doctor if you feel symptoms coming back, especially unexplained fatigue.  But don't live in fear about it.  Enjoy your life and restored health and deal with whatever comes as it comes. :)
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Do you get water sensations a lot? I'm getting wet cold water sensations all over my body and also burning sensations. I also have TMJ dysfunction, head neck, shoulder pain, ringing in the ears, slight face numbness under the eyes. The eye thing feels like tape on my face or drooping eyelid, but it is not.
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