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Another lyme test question

I got my IgeneX test but mine did not go past band 18. I understand there is band 12, and 9 and perhaps another?

Wondering why my test stopped at 18 and not lower yet like other peoples tests?

My test was Igenex basic lyme panel done through their lab.

If anyone knows why please let me know. Thanks
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Good question.  The IGeneX list of Western blot bands I printed out *seven* years ago (and still taped to my wall) has "nine known Borrelia burgdorferi genus specie specific KDA Western Blot Antibodies (bands):  18  23  30  31  34  37  39  83  and 93."

The article (which may still be posted at truthaboutlymedisease [dot] com) then lists the IGeneX Western blot breakdown line by line.  That list includes the nine bands in the paragraph above plus an additional 16 bands, not all of them signalling Lyme.

The final paragraph of that 2009 post says:  "An IgM positive test result means more recent & likely currently active infection.  IgG positive means previous exposure to the bacteria or [an] older infection of Lyme.  If no symptoms are present with IgG positive, it may mean an 'inactive' L[yme] D[isease] infection.  No matter the results, please remember [Lyme Disease] is a clinical Lyme diagnosis, [and] you can have a negative test and still have Lyme Disease and the co-infections, even through the best labs.  If you have symptoms, you need treatment."

To answer your question about why your test results may not be complete, call your doc's office and ask them to send the full test results.  If I pay for a test, I want a copy.  Seems reasonable -- but some docs don't do that, just to save paper and copy toner.  Ask them again.
"18  23  30  31  34  37  39  83  and 93." <<<This is exactly what mine is. You have the same one from IgeneX? Did you mean yours didn't have 9 and 12 either?

I did ask my doctors office for the full copy and they said this was all, IgG IgM and another thing that was like "0<40" or something like that. Three pages in total. They say that is all they got.

Should I ask IgeneX for my results? Or possibly my test was the same as yours?

I am still a bit confused what test has the bands 9 and 12.

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Gosh I wish they would leave the site format alone! It just changed on me again when I posted. >.<
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I don't understand your question.  You do *not* have to have ALL the test bands to have Lyme, and some of the bands can overlap with others, so they are not absolute indicators of Lyme -- they are 'maybe Lyme, maybe not'.  

There are nine bands that indicate absolutely that Lyme bacteria are present in a test:  18  23  30  31  34  37  39  83  93.  You do not have to have all of them to have Lyme.  If you have any one or more of those bands, then you have a positive Lyme test.

Band 9 could indicate Lyme, or it could mean some other bacteria.

Band 12 is 'specific' for Lyme, meaning its presence is a solid indicator for Lyme.  

These are not like pregnancy tests where you get only a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign and nothing else.  There are many Lyme-related bands which show up differently in different people, and the docs have figured out which bands show up positive ONLY with a Lyme infection, while others COULD BE evidence of a Lyme infection.  All the bands have to be read together, to know whether the positive bands you have support a Lyme diagnosis.

This is the 'art of medicine', not the crayon version, so it takes interpretation, unlike the drugstore pregnancy tests.  You don't have to have everything positive on the test to be diagnosed with Lyme disease.  The bacteria that appear in Lyme disease also may show up in non-Lyme infections, which is why drugstores don't market Lyme tests like they do the simpler pregnancy tests:  there is a lot of overlap among different bacteria.

There are other refinements in reading the tests, some due to how long you have been infected.  Again, that's why the docs get paid the big bucks.

You say above:  "I am still a bit confused what test has the bands 9 and 12."  Band 9 is 'cross-reactive for Borrelia', meaning band 9 can show up in someone with Lyme, but also could show up in someone who does NOT have Lyme.  It's a 'maybe', and all the test results have to be viewed as a group.  

About Band 12:  it is *specific* for Lyme, meaning if you get a positive Band 12, then only Lyme could make it positive.  Reading Lyme tests is an art.  If you have concerns, your doc is the one to talk to.  Okay?
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I have a feeling she is asking why igenex dont test for bands 9 or 12 or at least my igenex dont have those two bands listed on the results either.  I had the initial lyme panel done or w/e they called it i also had co infections panel but bands 9 and 12 arent there.  Im assuming there must be a lab somewhere that does just doesnt look like igenex does unless its a specific test that they do.
The IGeneX test for Lyme is offered only by IGeneX, because they created it and have a patent for it.  The IGeneX test does not have the same structure as the Western blot and ELISA tests at all.
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Yeah what chevellle01 said.

I don't have a question about reading it. I understand how that works.

I just want to know why Igenex didn't INCLUDE those bands in the testing at all. But apparently other peoples tests from igeneX don't either. So that's curious. Just why they never tested for band 12 if it is specific for lyme, our tests started at 18. Even on negative bands the bands are still INCLUDED. If that makes more sense of what I'm asking.

Is it only the normal non Igenex WB that does include 9 and 12?
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Ask your doc.  S/he should have an answer that satisfies.  Let us know what you find out.
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