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I'm sorry about asking so many questions, but I'm just trying to get some answers.  I find that I get more straight answers here than I do from my dr's!  
  Does anyone else suffer from anxiety?  I've been having on and off anxiety since symptoms started.  I get it worse at night.  It is scarey and comes from nowhere.  I don't know if this is a normal lymes symptom.
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It is absolutely a lyme symptom.  You can take a look at the symptom list in the health pages.  Ask as many questions as you like.  That's what we are here for.
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mine is worse at night especially when I have not been sleeping well anyway.

I never suffered with anxiety previous to tick bite.
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Yah... I've had mild anxiety before, but nothing like it has been these past 2 years.  Around the time all my sx started I'd wake up in the middle of night and have horrible anxiety attacks.   I hated it cause it was so scary and I had no idea what was causing them.  It was so out of the blue!  I still have the anxiety, but have learned to manage it a better.  My moods are also all out of whack!  My poor husband!  
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Yes, it's definitely part of Lyme and co-infections.  It will get better with treatment.  Depression is part of it sometimes too.  Don't be hard on yourself, just try to remember when you're out of sorts that it's the bugs talking, not you, and then try to go do something else.  And explain to your family what the situation is, and then when (not if) you get cranky, remember to apologize.  It's all you can do.  My family definitely sees the difference in me now that I'm under treatment, and I FEEL better too.  

Hang in there.
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Wow, this just made me feel so much better!  I really thought maybe I was going crazy.  I have anxiety all of the time and was wondering if i need medication for it!
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You're are not going crazy.  It's all related.  Anxiety is not crazy anyway.   Many people need medication for anxiety so don't be afraid to talk to your doctor about it if you think you need something to help you through it.
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Since you mentioned sometimes chest pains, it is worthy to note that the heart muscles and the nerves around it can produce an aweful anxiety. It is completely non-emotional. Dr. Christian Wilde, heart specialist, and of great understanding of many things discusses this on my heartbook.com. It doesn't mean you have a bad heart or anything. But, it is a common cause for that aweful anxiety that comes out of the blue. Search it on his website, he does suggest remedies. You may find some real help here. I get it too, and feeling like you are dying is probably harder than actually dying. That feeling of dread is the worst I can get.  Best wishes for you.
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Lyme does mess with the whole endocrine/emotional system in the body, so it doesn't surprise me that it could also show up the way you describe.  Thanks for that thought; I wouldn't have realized it otherwise.
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