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Any Moms reply!!! Need Help!!

My little boy is telling me that his arm and body vibrates at night. this is new. He also said he hates school because he gets so tired, He said he really misses me while at school to the point of crying. Can Lyme cause attachment? Food problems? He said something wierd last night( My body just hates school). He was bitten back in sep.2007 and we can not get any antibioctics. His appt. with Dr.Jones is in July 2008. This has to be to long to wait.                

I have someone else telling me that he does not have Lyme That he has gone under so much em-stress that it is causing him to be celaic. He has been under alot of stress. I just do not know. I do know I'M GOING CRAZY!!!!  Oh! and his behavior at times is from out of no where. it's like his little brain is non stop. I've tryed to get on chat but, that is his bed time and he will not let me get up until he is asleep. so any moms with info. would be great.

Jaksmom3 has been helping me sooooo much but, shes been out of reach. This woman is sooo awsome.

Maybe I'm just over reacting since we live in Florida and there is no Lyme HERE.lol! I can not belive that Shands Childrens hosp. has no help they one of the best in the nation?? What's going on!!! I'm getting really pissed off and I'm ready to call a local T.V station.
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Lyme can cause depression (when you're so ill, who wouldn't get depressed after a while). Maybe it's that and not a typical attachment problem.

Maybe what he means when he says that his body vibrates is that he's experiencing tremors.  Lyme can cause tremors.

I hope this helps a little and no, you are not over reacting!  I've been there.
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You are not going crazy, and yes I have been were you are. I have experienced the tremors. My 3 daughters and myself have Lyme. We were all misdiagnosed for years. You know what is right for your child, don't  let anyone make little of this. Lyme is a serious bacterial infection. It affects the central nervous system, joints, muscles....the pain can come and go. It can affect a patient pyschologically. What looks like depression may in fact be fatigue. If you have never experienced complete fatigue it is difficult to imagine what it is like. A good source for info is the Lyme Disease Association website. Dr. Jones is the best, but your son needs antibiotics now. My heart goes out to you,
from a Mom who has been there....and is still there.
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I've heard of people with Th1 inflammatory diseases who have that vibrating sensation.

Good luck with getting treatment for your son. You may want to look into the Marshall Protocol.

All the best,

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Hi I have had Lyme Disease for 15 years.  There is a big controversy surrounding it.  Many MDs for some reason wont diagnose it or treat it.  Go to lymenet.com and you will learn so much from it!  

I also have internal vibrations.  It is one of my most persistant symptoms.  Usually its in my legs but it can go through my whole body at times.  Sometimes its just in one place.  Its such a strange symptom.  Its embarrassing to tell others, especially Drs that look at you like your nuts!  

But good luck with Dr Jones.  I hpe he can help your son!
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