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Any suggestions for the brain fog???

I went from a near photographic memory before the tick bite to forgetting even basic things, unable to balance a checkbook even, and constant annoying brain fog. Is there any supplements I can take to help out? I have never had treatment and have had this for well over ten years, so it's a part of my everyday life and I am disabled now. The pain is bad at times, but the dang fog in my brain is what really makes this disease a pain in the neck. I space off constantly!!!
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Hi Tony, so sorry with what has happened. In my own personal experience, even though my bite was over 20 years (my children remembered it from when they were toddlers) when it finally decided to rear its ugly head, the brain fog was one of the first symptoms.

I tried to hide the fact to the family but it finally got to the point that I couldn't.

I am also on disability. My fog and pain started to improve as I started treatment 18 months ago. It hasn't gone away yet but it has much improved.

I am sure there are specific supplements for brain fog, I don't know anything besides Ginko Biloba.

Its never too late to try treatment. I just read something else you wrote recently on this site  so I understand that you live in a state that won't treat chronic Lyme.

Are you able to drive to a neighboring state? If not I know of a pretty well known doctor who will do phone consults and dispense Chinese herbs to you.  PM me, if you would like his name and information. Some of the herbs I have tried along with the abx worked well.

I know how alone this can make you feel, especially without supportive family, I am in the same boat. We are here for you. My online friends really helped me through and keep doing so.

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Sage tea contains a GABA inhibitor known as thujone.  GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that many microvermin can program your cells to produce.  In particular, toxoplasma can do this, and I theorize that other microbes that we've come to know as stealth pathogens can do so.

You want Salvia officinalis, not the stuff you get at the grocery store.  An alcohol extract would contain more thujone than tea as the thujone is alcohol soluble.  Van Gogh liked thujone containing stuff.
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Beside helping with the fog, there are a lot of compounds in it that have antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties.
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"Inhibitory neurotransmitters: These types of neurotransmitters have inhibitory effects on the neuron; they decrease the likelihood that the neuron will fire an action potential."


A person has to be careful when self-medicating, whether with drugs or herbs.

The excitatory/inhibitory balance is delicate.

"It's All About Balance

"A balanced nervous system is necessary to maintain optimal health. When the critical balance between the excitatory and inhibitory systems is lost, it creates a situation that increases the likelihood of a neurotransmitter-related condition developing."


It's just not as simple as might be perceived when told to use a herb to do 'this or that'.

And look what happened to Van Gogh? He cut off his ear!  Oops. BUT maybe I could paint as good as he did if I sniffed some sage. Might be worth it. Or not.

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Nobody is saying take an herb or do this or that. If someone lives in a state where they don't treat chronic Lyme, I used to live in one,  and they are also suffering, one needs to think outside the box and make alternative suggestions giving one hope when before there wasn't any.
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"Nobody is saying take an herb or do this or that."

I didn't.
You didn't.
There is something called FYI and information for the google impaired.

NutriBob sounded as if he were:

"You want Salvia officinalis, not the stuff you get at the grocery store" when he was addressing Tony. Maybe he mispoke.
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The balance is not so delicate.  We play with it everyday, unknowingly.  Sometimes, we decide what foods we're "in the mood for" based on a subconscious desire to increase or decrease certain neurotransmitters.  We're not aware of it, but that's how it works.  Sugar cravings, chocolate cravings, "I'd really like a nice thick steak", smoke a cigarette, (kids who smoke score higher on IQ tests), drink an energy drink, stop at the local bar.  These are all examples.  At times however that subconscious desire isn't us, it's the micro-vermin saying what they want!

"It's just not as simple as might be perceived when told to use a herb to do 'this or that'."

I put out information so people can research and decide for themselves.  As far as do this or that goes, there are many people who would take arsenic if a physician told them to, unquestioningly.  "Well you're the doctor".  If I had blindly followed the doctor's orders in my life, I probably wouldn't be alive now.  A degree doesn't make a person infallible or all knowing.

Yes, a balanced nervous system is necessary to maintain optimal health.  Thing is, the infectious agents, aka micro-vermin, throw the nervous system out of balance.  "I can't think."  That's out of balance.  The OP asked for a suggestion to help with the fog, I made a suggestion, one that I know works for me.  OP, "Your mileage may vary", which is another way of saying, what works for me might not work for you.

Salvia Officianalis is the species of sage that contains the most thujone.  The grocery store variety doesn't have as much, however, it too contains some awfully good antibacterial compounds.   If you all knew just how much better I've gotten with herbals, you'd throw your big pharma produced drugs out and start eating weeds!  Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme....
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Thank you nutribob,

I agree with most of what you say about 'what works'. For instance:
"I put out information so people can research and decide for themselves."

That's a bit different than saying "You want Salvia officinalis' but maybe that's splitting hairs.

I've seen too many naive people (about medicine especially) who will abandon antibiotics in favor of herbs/supplements.

One person in particular, not in this group, advised people to use Frontline-Plus (That's a tick and flea product for dogs) on themselves to cure Lyme. He and his mother drank it and other 'naive' people were asking how much to drink or to rub on their own bodies!'

He presented all the half-truths available from toxicology sites, pubmed etc about using it. Fipronil was the compound he talked about the most.

So, people sometimes DO have to be given more precise information especially when in the 'confused and ill' state as some members are said to be.

That person also posted this, about Fipronil:
"Fipronil works on INSECTS gaba receptors" and therefore won't hurt humans.

Since you're our resident expert on insects, what do you know about the dangers of using Fipronil, either orally or on the skin?

But here's my disclaimer----- in full caps. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER USING FIPRONIL ON YOURSELF or if you use it on your dog, take all precautions not to get it on yourself or to breathe it in.

I heard many years later that he had died but no information as to what killed him.
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Since we are all different, and Bob has stated that he feels better on herbs, how can you state that naive people shouldn't drop antibiotics for herbs?

Personally I have been on both together at the same time and I definetley  say that for my Bart's, I get more help from herbs then abx. If I run out of my herb I ALWAYS breakout in more lesions. I am certainly not naive although I do have lesions in my brain that have reduced as a result of herbs.

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Thank you for your unique contribution about your experience.

Perhaps I hadn't made myself clear------I was talking about people who took NO antibiotics but instead used ONLY herbs or supplements---- for Lyme or cos,
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Correct, I think that Bob told us that he felt so much better just on herbs so I understand where he is coming from.
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What medications or supplements are you currently taking?  
I know that I was on antibiotics for several months, but it wasn't until I tried Low Dose Naltrexone that my brain fog has improved substantially.  Some docs who are well educated will prescribe it without a problem (since initial dosage is only 1.5 mg and max dosage is only 4.5).  Many docs are unaware of the MANY MANY MANY uses for naltrexone, so be prepared to go to your doc with your own printed out research findings.  The Mayo Clinic recognizes LDN therapy, so that is a good one, as docs trust Mayo Clinic findings.  Also, NIH has many documents showing it's benefits.  If your doc is still wary (though, I can't understand how, it really doesn't have any side effects and no clinical trials have ever shown any adverse findings (to my knowledge)) your LLMD will be willing to prescribe.  If you don't have an LLMD, holistic doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, homeopaths, etc... all are willing to prescribe.
It really is wonderful.  I'm not 100%, but I've GREATLY improved with LDN.  Google LDN and brain fog and you will see a myriad of great success stories:)  If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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