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Anyone else familiar w/ these medicines?

So my LLMD has me on the following medications: Amoxicillin, Clindamycin, and Capadex (for my stomach problems). My dosage of the antibiotics are very high and I will be taking it for about 2 months. He believes I may H pyelori as well as Lymes because of my reoccurring ulcers. I am getting a more sensitive test for h Pyelori as well.  I am also taking or about to Amrix for muscle pain. Has anyone taken this? I am afraid to take it because I am afraid a muscle relaxer might make me more tired and my fatigue is overwhelming.
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Were all the meds prescribed by the same dr?  If so, then there should be no conflict among them.  Your concern about the Amrix making you more tired is a fair question -- you could ask your phamacist if that drug makes one tired, or call the dr's office and ask the question and they can check with the dr and back to you with an answer.

Amoxicillin and clindamycin are both common antibiotics.  I believe I've had them both with no problems.

I was very nervous about starting abx after I was diagnosed; I was so sick already I feared feeling even worse on the meds, given what I had heard about Herxing and that I'm often sensitive to medications.  Once I started on the meds, however, I just felt better, with a little dip now and again when Herxing, but nothing as bad as I felt when I was really sick.  I've had some bumps in the road along the way, but no regrets at all about taking the abx.
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hi, I am just curious what dosage of amoxicillin you have to take - I have been putting - off taking mine - still a part of me in denial of lyme - among other things - I had a yukkie time on doxy. - but have taken amox. in the past - for chest infection - with no bad effects.

best wishes - gorbs x
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