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Anyone get a positive CDC test after treating for a while?

So like most, 7 months ago I had a negative CDC Lyme test and so my primary Dr does not believe I have this and does not believe in Chronic Lyme (I specifically asked him). At that time, I also went to a LLMD and had iGenex test, which was also negative, but had specific Lyme bands so I was diagnosed with Lyme and also came back CDC positive for Babesia. I have been treating with anti-biotics and herbal supplements for about 7 months and I'm wondering if anyone has gone back to their Dr to get another CDC test done for Lyme and it came up positive? I'm thinking of making an appointment to do this after I've been treating for about a year. I have heard that you can come back positive because it will now see the antibodies, where as before there was none. I've had Lyme for 11 years and have been through 3 surgeries, including brain surgery for Chiari Malformation, had meningitis, been mis-diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and basically been told I am a hypochondriac and that all my symptoms are all "in my head" and there is something mental going on.

My reason for wanting to do this, is first to become a statistic so maybe the CDC will someday pull their heads out of their behinds and get on the ball and stop treating this like a nuisance easily treatable disease and I also want it in my medical record that I have Lyme at my primary physicians office.

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Good for you if you are willing and able to take on the CDC and the early (and stubborn) MDs who worked on Lyme.  I've written off the CDC and its followers as being educable, and instead would focus on beating Lyme ... and THEN you'll have the evidence to take down the outdated CDC and MD approaches to Lyme.  But if you've got the time and energy ... go for it!
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Good for you for plowing ahead!  I don't know that the CDC will ever listen, at least until the current crop of docs are retired.  But then again, they just keep hiring more docs like the old docs ... so round and round we go.

Your current doc can give you the paperwork to send to your PCP doc so you are flagged as really and truly having Lyme, without having to swim against the current of the CDC.  I dunno if it will change anything at the PCP's office for a Lyme doc to have sent in his/her views, but if you feel strongly about it -- go for it!  I went through 20 MDs before I got diagnosed with Lyme and babesia ... and I know the feeling of wanting to make a statement to the clueless docs.  

Bravo for you, plowing ahead and finding correct answers!  Hurrah!!  ... and congratulations.  You done good.  :)
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