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Anyone having skull ridges as a consequence of Lyme?

I had encephalitis caused by late diagnosed Lyme and that caused a ridge on top of my head. First they thoght it was something outside the skull but now they tell me it is my skull that moved up to protect my brain. The thing is that it has been changing its size and I don't know what to do. Neither do doctors. I've been researching and I know it exists for real. Thanks!
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I too have a couple if ridges on my skull as well. Lately, they have been getting very sensitive to touch and my scalp,  at times, burns and itches. They seem to grow at times and then go down at times. I am so concerned but yet can't seem to find anyone that knows what it is. Iv asked my gp she said cysts, iv asked my dermo, she said cutis vertices gyrata, I even asked my ent who said maybe lymphomas. Does anyone have any answers please! I'm at a loss and now I am losing my hair as well. If anyone can help, please let me know..
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