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Anyone know the Beck Protocol?

Thanks- I have seen videos/ testimonials of people that claim to have beat late-stage faster, even solely, by doing "the Beck Protocol" and us commonly used in European, Russian, Asian and Australian Lyme elimination protocols.  I'm doing a newer, more advanced (technologically) version, as well as holistic Lyme remedies (like oil of oregano, etc).  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I'm tired of waiting on referrals and the medical community in general.  I'm thinking it's better than doing nothing (like I am now- just hoping and deteriorating away) and may get me a head start, anyways.  Maybe I won't need them after all?  That would be a dream come true, now wouldn't it?  This is honestly pathetic- an embarrassment of our current systems, government and healthcare situation.  Straight stupid!
Anyways- let me know your thoughts.  Since spiros can act like viral infections, a lot of my symptoms, pain and glitches seem neural too, the micro-currents aspect makes sense and seems promising- I got a micro/ EMS/ TENS/ EMP Multi-health care treatment unit, with up to 36 electrodes for a sweet deal in S. China (Guandong).  See more info at http://www.cancertutor.com and search AIDS, HIV, or Beck Protocol.  I think they have originals of Dr Robert Beck's viral, fungal, bacterial and toxic cleansing/ treatment system still on there. Also see "the Australian Lyme elimination protocol."  Interesting and may at least speed things up?  Love to hear from experiences??  Thx!
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"Love to hear from experiences??  Thx!"

No experience from me and not likely  to ever be. That protocol seems to be following Hulda Clark's protocol. Colloidal silver? Zappers? No thanks.

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I have not had experience with that but there is another protocol that friends are trying and saying it is helping them. They take cinnamon oil from Sri Lanka for 90 days.  

After abx stopped helping me, I am doing natural remedies so who knows what will work for someone.
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"They take cinnamon oil from Sri Lanka for 90 days."

Ingested or applied topically? I guess it might be inhaled, also.
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Or perhaps people might want to try Tachyonized Water! It's a great way to lose $9 (2 oz) quickly. :)
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I have never heard of the "Beck protocol".  Therefore it must not be very common, and so I would be skeptical.  

I can not help but think that some people can just put it in their head that something will work and oddly enough, it does.  I wish I could do that.  I've tried but I have not been able to master that quality yet :(

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Cave I was told they ingest it  on a piece of toast or in yogurt.
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Thank you for replying.
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