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Anyone low on leptin?

Anyone with Lyme Disease out there low on leptin, and can Lyme Disease cause low leptin?
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I read, at one point, that leptin counts can be impacted by Lyme. I'll search some more tonight. I know mine is low, and my triglycirides are normal but near the normal low.

Some people have said they have Lyme Disease and high leptin counts and have gained weight. So it's all kind of just out there. I'll look at leptin borreliosis, Jackie C. suggested. Hope all are feeling well./  
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I just searched

     leptin lyme


     leptin borreliosis

and got quite a few interesting links.  Besides offering data and analysis, this might lead to a doc knowledgeable on the topic.  Clearly, you're not alone in this.
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Geesh! Of course you knew I meant "write" in this sentence, didn't you? :)

"barring the people who right books/articles that 'know' how to treat it."
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You're the first person I've heard even know what leptin is! I guess your question means that you've been tested for leptin and found to be low?

Which is interesting since, I think I remember, that you're losing weight?

But, from my reading and talking to doctors about it---- leptin isn't easily treated and barely understood.

I have very high leptin levels. I'm overweight. Is there a relationship? I don't know. Could be.

Is there a relationship between leptin scores going wonky and Lyme?

Well, that also seems possible since, as one person put it:
"Lyme disease and coinfections can have a major impact in every major system and organ in our bodies at every level"

It's a hormone. If Lyme can affect the thyroid hormone why can't it affect the leptin hormone? (Rhetorical)

Leptin resistance is a term often mentioned also.

There are a lot of books and articles about leptin and leptin resistance out there. But the one linked below seems to be the most even handed:


The sentence below seems to sum it all up, barring the people who right books/articles that 'know' how to treat it.

" Leptin appears to have many functions that scientists are still exploring."

My doctor, who is a 'science based MD' to the Nth degree, says there's nothing that can be done YET about it.

Murph, is your doctor willing to try and bring your leptin levels up? I'll really be interested in reading about that.
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