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Anyone out there have a baby since being diagnosed?

I was wondering if anyone else has had a child. I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago and have a 3 yr old. She was smaller then most with more complications but I'm also over 40 and that could cause that. I don't want to put her through test and she has never showed signs, so I was wondering if any others with kids saw signs later etc. Thanks, C
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I am also wondering when I was infected and if my children were infected in utero.  My daughter's only 'symptom' would possibly be possible phantom smells...although I have come to realize that I have lost my sense of smell somewhere along the way. .... so it may be me.  I am trying not to panic and I almost want the test to ease my mind.  I am interested in what others say about testing asymptomatic children.  
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Others here have had babies while having Lyme, so keep checking back to see who responds to your question.
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I had my teenager tested, under protest, and found Lyme and babesiosis.  Treatment was a breeze, life is good.

(PS My sense of smell has come back since I was treated.)

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I find the smell thing interesting. My sense of smell has heightened beyond belief, I can smell everything so strongly it can make me ill. I'm now blind as a bat though. My 3 year old has never shown signs of trouble other then when she had her 2nd vaccines and that could have been because of the vaccines, so I don't want to get her stuck for nothing. I also wonder if she could have immunities to help her along.
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The Wisconsin Department of Health Services website says in a Q&A:

"Does past infection with Lyme disease make a person immune?"

"Although past infection provides some immunity, this immunity is relatively short-lived. Therefore it is possible for a person to get infected more than once."

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Yes, I had a baby while having Lyme and so far he is healthy. If he would start showing any symptoms, I will have him tested. He is 5 months now and my doctor advised me sometimes symptoms start to show around 10-14 months if the baby has Lyme.
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That is good to know. The having a doctor that can tell you that stuff, that is great,
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Thanks for the responses, it is nice to know I'm not the only one with these concerns. Thanks, C
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I have an 8 month old and she was seen by Dr. J in CT because Igenex came back with a positive cord blood test.  I was devastated when I heard the Igenex positive.  But dr. J said that could have been dead bacteria or my blood.  I took abx the whole time.  She seems very healthy so far.  I will be interested in anyone elses answers.  
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My kid was half grown when we were both diagnosed with Lyme, so I didn't have to deal with the question of how to approach a possibly infected baby ... and therefore my comments here have to be taken with a big grain of salt, since I'm not hip deep in the situation ...

that said, I don't understand the wait-and-see approach.  Why not test the little ones?  What signs and symptoms are the docs waiting for?  Why wait?  What's worse:  a blood test, or having Lyme?

A baby won't tell you that its knees hurt, and who knows what is going on in their tiny brains, if they are infected.  Can anyone tell me rationale the docs have for NOT testing babies?  And in the case of Dr J, when s/he recommends testing the baby to know if it was dead bacteria in the mother's blood that the cord blood test detected?

There may be a perfectly rational answer to this, and I hope someone will post it.  

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I am sorry to here your having to worry. My youngest daughter is now 3 and hasn't shown any major signs. I can tell you my youngest has hardly ever been ill, maybe 2 colds and one flu bug in 3 1/2 years. With three older siblings at school and work as well as regular play dates with daycare friends that are always having some bug or another, that is surprising to me. I have been thinking her immune system must be stronger from this. So think positive for resistance instead of illness. Maybe our kids will be able to beat more illnesses and be healthier. Also my youngest is an outdoor baby, loves the dirt and grim playing more with boys and trucks then girls and dolls, so don't think she is a neat and clean kid. Best of luck, Candi
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I have had had 2 babies since having lymes disease. I had for probably 20 years, but was not diagnosed until 1 year after she was born. I had her tested and she was negative. I am not sure what Lymes is like in a child, but she doesn't seem to have any symptoms. The first one my 3 year old daughter. i just had another baby girl in August. I had my breastmilk and cord blood tested and it was negative. So far my DD#2 is reaching all of her milestones and appears very healthy like my first daughter only this time I was actually being treated for Lymes. It's nice to meet other Lyme mommies out there. I wish the best for your daughter and hope she is negative.
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Me:o)  her cord blood was positive, but Dr. J in CT said she was "not a Lyme baby" because she was too healthy.  I still worry...
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Wow, my Lyme fog must be setting in...I didn't even see that I had posted on this already :o)
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I remember reading that if a fetus gets Lyme early in the pregnancy, when the immune system develops, it will not recognize the spirochetes as foreign and will not make any antibodies.  But existing antibodies in a newborn could be the mother's antibodies. That would suggest that the tests results are inconclusive, although a positive in an older baby would likely be accurate.  I have read about babies developing autism like symptoms and having developmental delays as their most outward signs of Lyme, and then recovering with antibiotics.  
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I just came across this document today.  It's a write up of a conference for Lyme patients held in San Francisco in January.  I thought it was relevent to this thread.


A note from the Q&A session says:

•A question was asked about treating an asymptomatic 2 year old to avoid later problems.  The risk of untreated disease is so great.  The long-term risk of treatment is lower than the morbidity of the disease.
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