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Anyone having taken Artemisinin?  I'm most interested in others reaction to this medication.
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme -- we're glad to share what we've learned.

I don't recall anyone mentioning artemisinin recently, but the best way to see is to scroll up to the top of this page, and on the right hand side of the screen, upper corner, there is a light blue box with a magnifying glass symbol in it.  If you type 'artemisinin' in the box and hit 'enter' on your keyboard, it will bring up from the archives all references to artemisinin.

Let us know how we can help, and also let us know something of what you learn from the search -- we are always interested to hear.  
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Yes my LLND has me pulse artemisinin. When I first started taking it I herxed pretty bad but now I tolerate quite well.
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I took it for a while when I had babesia. I didn't have any problems.
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I am currently on Artemisinin. I've been on it since i think July/August of 2014. I take Researched Nutritionals Brand Artemisinin SOD which i think is the best. But they had ran out of stock in September/Oct and didn't get back in stock until late dec/Jan so i didn't have it for all that time.
Plus i was taking Malarone (which fights Babesia also) only 2x a day instead of 3x a day my doctor intended because i misread the directions.
Long story short when i finally took artemisin in Jan, after not taking it for months, i got a HUGE herx, including getting intense itchiness and hives and night sweats. I never had hives before so that was concerning.

But now I've been on continuously since Jan (also on Doxy 300mg) and i currently don't have any symptoms of Babesia :)

For the Researched Nutrionals Brand you take it 2x a day for 3 weeks and then you take 1 week off.
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Greetings --

May I ask, are you also being treated for Lyme, and if so, with what meds?
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