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How would you describe the burning pain?  Is a deep feeling or is it just on the skin?  Sometimes I feel like just the outer part of my skin is burning (almost like a sunburn), but I don't know if this is what everyone means by "burning"?  
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It feels like it's on the skin but it's hard to say.  Sometimes it feels like hot water is being poured on my scalp. These are more sensory symptoms (paresthesias).
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Mine feels like a carpet burn right on the top of my head.
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So I'm not the only one with the burning scalp!
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Cigarette burns. But it comes on suddenly and then is gone. Rarely happens, thank God!
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Most of my burning sensations are like a fresh sunburn and are on the skin.
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I get the burning sensation that feels like rug burns, or like acid burns(PAINT REMOVER) on skin. It happens in soveral spots and sometimes there is a small redd patch to follow thw sensation.
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Mine also feel like cigarette burns.  The other kind of pain sensation I get is "achy".  My finger will start to ache randomly.  Mine come and go in a matter of seconds, but occasionally I get a lot of them in quick succession.  Do most people's pain come and go?
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I just had the cigarette feeling today, in my shoulder! And have the aches too,sometimes my whole hand, sometimes just one finger-  they all come and go. I'm starting to get it in my toes too.
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I get these same burning sesation...I experience it all throughout the day....Sometimes they are back to back other times it may be a few hours appart...I just recently moved to Pine Florida, I wonder if its the area...(too many people) ...its exactly like pins and needles...picture frying chicken, a splash of oil that gets on your skins, it burns...This sensation is very simular, just instead of one splash...picture  30 splashes on your chest...and about 40 on your back, and then 12 on your neck, 20 on your face....What is this all about...Is this just happening to women, or is it happening to men...I am very conserned...I  called my doctor, she said Im still too young for menaupause....Its like an attack and it comes and goes...The only thing that is new in my house is my Internet Router...I am not eating anything different than usuall...I wonder if the internet connection is frying us from the inside...
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I too get burning sensations that come and go. It even wakes me up during the day. My burning is througout my entire body. It comes and goes. I also have whole body parathesia 24/7. My neurologist put my on Gabapentin(Nuerontin) which helps.

I don't know why lymes would do this!
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I get burning sensations that feel like some one is holding a flame close to my face, sometime in my nose, and on my scalp.  My LLMD told me it is a neurological symptom set off my rogue impulses in the brain.  He has me take Lyrica regularly for it but if it get worse he has me increase my lyrica.  It seem to help.  Also a luke warm bath with a lot of sea salt helps too!
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My fiance has Lyme, and posibly "aggressive MS". She has leisions on her brainstem, brain and spine. her lyme infection still shows active on the w.b. after 1 year!
She has been suffering immensely with "burning brain". Her brain feels like its in a frying pan, and she cannot speak or chew very well. The symptoms vary in severity alongside the burning brain...  She also has had episodes of weak legs and no reflexes. Then exaggerated reflexes..

Anyone know if lesions on the brain and pons can cause this burning brain thing? Anyone with neuro-lyme have this?
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