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Babesia lifecycle symptoms?

Hi all. I read that the Babesia cycle is somewhere between 4-7 days but I'm not sure exactly what that means.  Does this mean you always have symptoms and then every 4-7 days (depending on individual) the symptoms get worse?  I have both lyme and babesia and on Mon/Tues I get a bit worse than the other days.  When this happens I'm not sure if this is typical and what is actually happening during this.  Are these called flare-ups that just consistently show up every week with this particular pathogen?

Does anyone know exactly what is happening during this period?  Are the bugs dying off and releasing toxins?  Are they reproducing?  Is the immune systems attacking them and causing die off?  Would like to know more so I can better understand it and if my long term antibiotic treatment is effective?  Thanks!
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I had Lyme and babesia, and while I could sense feeling better and worse at various times, the overall picture of gradually getting better was more significant ... and, in my view, more significant.

The different infections have different life cycles (for example, search 'lyme disease cycle' online) that overlap and mix it up so that it's often not clear which infection(s) are causing this afternoon's misery, as opposed to this morning's misery.  Don't make yourself crazy trying to time the little creatures -- think more of long-term trends.  There are too many variables to chart.
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I don't know for sure the lifecycle of Babesia but I did know Lyme which was an every month event like clockwork at the start of my treatment my symptoms flared or got worse. That went on several months and then stopped for me.

Yes the bugs die off and then a new group cones to life and the cycle starts again.
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