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Bad stomach pain, can't eat now for three days :( tic bite

I have done a lot of outdoor stuff this Spring, had my yearly dose of bad posion ivy, and now suffering with severe abdominal pain, loss of appettied, nausea, dirrea, and just feeling like ****. Went to the hospital about the nausea, gave me fluids and did the Lyme test, has not come back yet.

I don't know if this could be Lyme or not. I am concerned though, this is day 4 of not being able to eat solid foods, although I could stand to loose a good 20, not sure if this is the way to have it drop off.

We live in the country, deer bed in the rear of our propery. I had a small brown tic on me a week ago, and two small black tics on my forehead two to three weeks ago. I thought I had a scab on my head so I didn't mess with it! When I felt something move, sure enough the scab was alive!

I am drinking pepto throughout the day to keep the nausea subsided. The docs put me on a heavy duty antiboitic, but it makes my stomach feel even worst.

Vent over,

Thanks for your help.

Maybe I will get into a size 6 after all, LOL.

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Antibiotics can cause severe GI tract problems. Tell dr., who might want to reduce dose slightly or try another med. If you get to point of severe lyme disease you won't care about GI problems as you will be desperate for anything to improve lyme illness.
Lyme should be highly considered.
Please read my comment to nymom815, and read websites. You have to stop this early if it is lyme, as it can evade immune system and get terribly ugly. Weight would not be your concern; you would then worry about how much of 'you' would be lost, and be grieving that, like your identity with whatever you do now, your work, your relationships, ability to think, etc.
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  Thanks for your feedback :)

Still waiting on the results, I don't know why I am so worried. I guess I worry about the long-term arthritis; I already suffer from chronic pain and arthritis. Makes me wonder if I have had this type of illness in the past. Since I am uninsured presently, I cannot get the best testing; they did not test at the hospital, not sure, if it was that western blot test they say is good at diagnosis the illness. I 've read where the test results are not always conclusive. Thanks for the reply, I'll check out your comments, and the websites listed for more info.
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