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CD57+ and Natural Killer cells and laughter

Have others had their CD57+ tested? (It measures natural killer cells)  The normal range is between 60 and 360, where 200 is a good number.

I was bitten by something (did not find a tick) in 2006 and got a hot rash on the back of my leg but it did not look like bulls eye, but was round and red and hot, and I probably had night sweats but just thought it was a hot summer.  

My CD57+ results have been 25, 27 and now 24 in the last year.

The only way I have heard of to raise natural killer cell count is to laugh out loud. I want to laugh every day to make it go up. I am struggling with depression because of this illness. Help me stay motivated to laugh, I want to get well!
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My CD57 was over 100 the one time it was measured, which was at about my worst point health-wise.  

It's a good measure in some, but not in all.  Doe you feel any different since the first measurement?

I have not heard about the connection btw CD57 and laughing.  I have heard about Lyme causing depression.  We need to order T-shirts that say "It's not me, it's the bugs!" because this illness can really affect personality and outlook.

How long have you been in treatment?

Hang in there, it gets better.
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I had lymes 23yrs ago and again 20yrs ago with IV therapy. I got sick about 2 1/2 yrs ago and wasn't diagnosed with lymes until now. Had a Picc Line put in and got more IV therapy. I personally think I was undertreated initially and the paracites were hiding out until now. I now have inflammatory arthritis and neuropathy and whole body parathesia(pins and needles).

What is CD57? Never heard of it.
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