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Clindamycon: An alternative to Rocephin

I stumbled across Dr. Jemsek's website today.  He is the NC Infectious Disease doctor featured in "Under Our Skin" who was disciplined by his state medical board for overdiagnosing and overtreating Lyme patients, and then sued by BCBS for $100 million.  He was a highly regarded and recognized AIDS/HIV doc before he started treating Lyme. He had to declare bankruptcy and shut down. (He had actively tried to get the IDSA to change their polIcies on Lyme, and this is what happened to him. Seems the IDSA will not tolerate dissent from within.)

Well, anyway, he has resumed practice in DC and describes using IV Clindamycin in patients with advanced neuroborreliosis who aren't responding well to IV Rocephin. He says he has gotten very good results with it.  I just thought I would mention this for anyone exploring different treatment possibilities.  I suspect it would also work well for people who can't tolerate Rocephin for one reason or another.
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I hate it when I see a typo just after I pressed 'Post.'.

I meant Clindamycin
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I love him and I am from DC and will send a friend to him. Thanks Rico.
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