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DO I have Lyme Disease????

HI All,

I got my second lab results(Quest).

My first test in June09 came back as;

Lyme AB 1.23 (positive)
Lyme IgG41 KDa Band reactive (WB)

The most recent test shows;
Lyme AB 1.46 (positive)
Lyme IgG41 KDa Band reactive (WB)

Please note that no other bands were tested positive.

This whole thing started because I felt a mild and constant stiff neck(left side, when I turn), heart palpitations and I mentioned to my Family Doctor in july that I felt a bit/hash/fever in January 06 when I was in Brazil. He told me to get tested for Chagas(negative) and Lyme. After the first lab results I went to an infectious desease Doctor who told me not to worry becasue this is most likely a cross reaction(?).

Now I don't know if I should look for an LLMD or what?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I would get another opinion from a LLMD if it were me.  The usual problem is false negatives, not false positives.
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Patsy10 is right, the tests are not very accurate, and a diagnosis should not rely on test results alone, but also on your history and symptoms all taken together.

Also be sure your LLMD knows where you have travelled, because there are hundreds of strains of the bacterium (Borrelia) that causes Lyme, and even in the US and Europe, the tests aren't able to detect many of them.  It may also be true for any So. American strain you may have picked up.

Good luck, let us know what you find out.
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Denny, my results were the same as yours (same band reactive positive on the WB, and the only one that was). My doctor insists that this is just a cross-reaction and that no re-testing as needed because if I had lyme, all bands would be reactive on the WB but then again he also says that the test isn't very reliable. Were you also tested for Epstein-Barr virus antibodies? I tested positive for antibodies from a past infection, not current, and my doc says this could be the reason for the cross-reaction. I am going to look further into it just to make sure.
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Here is a link for you to read regarding explanation of the western blot from a LLMD.  

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