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Which ways do you prefer to detoxify?
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I just started a juice fast. I make my own juice at home with fruits and vegetables.

i started it because I have been having a long time issues with my intestinal system. Having a bm every 4 to 8 days is not good. The longer it sits the more toxins you have released into your system.

i am only on day 2 so I will let you know how it goes but I am already seeing the results and I feel really good today.

Might not be for everyone so I would check with your dr (of course)

:) JEN
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Thanks for letting me know, I have known that I have had Lyme but just moved to a state where I started treatment and now I need detox and I have heard of so many different ways to do it and like to hear what different people go through.I am going to my doc next week, will see what she says.
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Dandelion root tea and milk thistle tea work very well. You can take either in a capsule form, and a lot of water, but it is better to drink the tea. I can't drink the dandelion tea w/o some honey in it, I just don't care for the taste, but as long as you are aware of how fast the calories in honey can add up, it has some detoxification attributes as well.
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I started taking chlorella.  I think it helps reduce the ringing in my ears.  I bought all the components to do coffee enemas, but my hubby and mom talked me out of doing them. Some Lymies insist they feel better after the enemas.
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Thanks for all your replies. I heard about pills to do it but the natural way is much better.
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