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Developing Allergies..

Does lyme cause one to become more sensitive to things such as metals,jewelry, and medicine?  I have become sensitive to certain jewelry that never bothered me before (necklaces that now make my neck itch), and still thinking maybe the rash on my belly is a nickel allergy from pants.  Also I am SO sensitive to medication.  I don't remember being this way always.
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I am aswell, I find that the Vitamins I have always taken seem to have a reaction, like Nausea or stomach ache , I am very achey at presant been like it for a couple of weeks, mornings are the worst when I get up.
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My allergies are really bad. I actually got tested by an ENT and I was allergic to all weeds, trees, dust mites, pets, and 5 out of 10 molds. they started to come about when I was a teenager which would have happened after my bullseye rash. I also got sinus infections during this time and I still do.
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