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Do I need 3 positive markers to confirm Lyme's disease?

My recent blood test showed one marker for Lymes disease;My MD said I needed 3 to show that I had the infection, anyone know about this?

I've been sick for over 4 years. No fever but terribly achy and pain ridden. Lots of muscle fatigue over these years so much so that I dreaded stairs. I thought I was dying. I have visited my doctor several times over that last 4 years. I finally pressured my Dr.  recently and she tested for Lymes disease.  I had looked at this possibility but the only symptom was severe fatigue and body aches especially feet and legs. I suspected West Nile at first.

I also am seeing a specialist for "critter" detoxing: worms and parasites. During this detox I've felt better and worse this past 4 months. I'm anxious to know what she'll say when I show her my new blood work.

Anyhow my MD is not concerned with the elevated marker. She claims that one elevated marker means I was exposed at one time and I'm no longer infected and is on its way out.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Sorry for a delay in response.  It can be difficult to diagnose for Lyme's disease, unfortunately.  The tests look for antibodies and you can indeed have antibodies in your blood for months or even years after an infection.   However, I would think with your history of symptoms and the positive marker that further follow up would be warranted.  https://www.lymedisease.org/lyme-basics/lyme-disease/diagnosis/.  Please note as well that the CDC recommends a two tier test system for Lyme Disease and that many people with Lyme initially test negative.  I think a follow up with this doctor or another for another opinion might be in your best interest.  
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