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Do I or don't I?

My blood sample arrived at Igenex in Palo Alto this morning.  Those of you unfamiliar with me and my symptoms, past and present, read back through some of my posts.  Needless to say, I'm anxious to know the results.  Lets take a poll, what does everyone think, will it be negative or positive?  I could only afford the western blots.

In other news, I still have some type of worms, something that produces microfilaria.  On the sides of both hands, under my pinkes, there are pools of fluid, fluid that twitches and moves!  Hands are swollen and painful.
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Sorry I don't understand the question.  W. blot is not a yes/no thing; it will show bands of relative negativity/positivity -- so I guess the answer is "some of each", but that's normal.  

What are the docs telling you about the filiaria?  What have they treated you with?
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I am unemployed, no insurance, though applying for medicaid and disability.  ER Docs put me in the psych ward with a diagnosis of "delusional parasitosis" mainly because they didn't know the previous thickness of the skin on my legs.  My LLMD has had other patients so diagnosed by mainstream medicine.  I woke up three days later in the neuro-trama center.  While there for three weeks the filaria continued to spread, up my thighs, scrotum, back, shoulders, down my arms to my hands.  It did no good to say anything because of my ER diagnosis.  Treatment consists of antihelmintic/antibiotic herbs I can afford.  They're working to a certain extent and the adults that are in my legs, where I've driven them back to since getting free from the hospital and back to my herbs, are either dead or dying.  The microfilaria in my hands, the babies, are quite active, somewhat unreachable as they've sealed off lymph flow to my hands at my wrists!  They make webs, very strong glue!  They're trying to turn me into the elephant man!  Like I said, they twitch and move.  It isn't my muscles either!  They're so small it just looks like clear fluid along the sides of my hands.
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