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Do symptoms cycle?

I have been told by a medical professional friend who has lyme, that the symptoms can cycle.  I am experiencing that.  2 months ago, I developed painful flesh colored bumps on each side of my tongue.It was hard to eat and really hurt. I took some awful tasting medicine that you take 4 times day, swish it around in your mouth and then swallow it. Finally after a few weeks, it went away. Now it is back.  Has anyone else experienced symptoms that cycle?  I just wanted to see if that is the norm for many symptoms?
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Yes, when my symptoms began, they would cycle about every 4 weeks. I remember symptoms like sore throats, swollen glands,nausea and joint pain which seem to disappear then appear again a few weeks later. Now that I have had it for a few years, my symptoms don't seem to cycle and remain pretty consistent.
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just a thought- do you think it could have something to do with the life cycle of the infection?
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  From what I understand its from the cytokines being released back into your bloodstream.  Cytokines are the left over remenets of the dead cells that were used up and discarded after the bacteria went to a new cell.  Could cycle anywhere from 10-28 days.
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Wow, .that is kind of scary to think of all of these bad symptoms coming back again.  
Thanks for your reply's.
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My llmd said if you are a woman it often follows your menstraul cycle and it gets worse around that time of the month.
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I no longer get a period, but I can understand why that may happen at that time. Thx
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