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Does Gardasil HPV vaccine activate Bartonella?

A very interesting article claiming that the Gardasil HPV vaccine could activate latent Bartonella, which could explain some of the deaths following the vaccine (about 139 reported in the U.S. so far).  

I am not the anti-vaccine type, but I am less likely to get vaccines these days than I used to.  I made the mistake of getting a flu vaccine when I was sick with Lyme, et.al. but still undiagnosed and I got worse.  I'm sure the timing of the vaccine contributed to my decline.  Even last week, my doc said "No flu vaccine!"

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Thanks for posting this.  I've always been a great believer in vaccines, but have also backed off a bit in recent years, due to things like this news story.  

The other day I was reading a similar story about another vaccination that had unexpected consequences, so it does happen, but not enough to make me swear off of them.  
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I think it's good policy for anyone with tick borne illnesses to avoid all vaccines until they're well.
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My LLMD said no to flu shots for the last 3 years.
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I have avoided any unnecessary vaccines for our family. Two weeks ago yesterday my 15 year old son had a gardisil vaccine at school(I must have missed that date in the school newsletter). He has been sick for the last two weeks, extremely fatigued, feeling unwell, back pain and yesterday had vomiting and diarrhoea. I can't believe that I let this one slip through, after all my diligence.
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So sorry to hear this.  Maybe have a letter inserted into his school file stating that NO vaccinations are to be given without specific prior parental consent in writing.  Won't help this time, but for the future.

Hope he's better soon.  And you too -- it's harder to have a sick kid than to be sick yourself, isn't it.  Let us know how he does --
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and PS ... I doubt it's your fault that the vaccination occurred.  I'm guessing all the kids got herded into the auditorium and told to roll up their sleeves.  Stuff happens, like when toddlers do a face plant.  Not Your Fault.  
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Since your son got sick right after the vaccine, I recommend you contact the school nurse or his pediatrician and ask that it be reported to the vaccine adverse events database.  The database is for all reactions, not just the severe ones, and you don't have to "prove" the vaccine caused it.  It's important that health officials have a sense of how kids are responding to it out in the real world.

You might also think seriously about making sure he doesn't get another one.  The Gardasil vaccine is a 3-shot series.  You'd have to make sure the school knows very clearly if you don't want him to get another one and your son would also need to know very clearly to refuse if the school tries to give him another one.
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Sorry... just realized you're not in the U.S.  The vaccine adverse events database is probably only for Americans.  You might still ask your son's pediatrician if there is an equivalent in Oz for reporting adverse events after a vaccination. Have you taken him to his doctor yet?  Those are enough symptoms for a long enough time he should get checked out to see if there are any other issues going on.
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