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Does anyone know of anything natural for anxiety/depression?

Hi, I had mentioned before that I get depressed and I have anxiety due to my current living situation. I was wondering if anyone has tried anything natural for depression or anxiety? I don't really want to take meds for it with the Lyme and I believe that once I am with my fiancee again most of those feelings will end but until then I was looking for a temporary natural assist. I am not going to my LLMD for another 3 weeks. thanks in advance.
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Don't know if you are at all into this sort of stuff, but there is a site with decent hypnosis downloads called (get this) www (dot) hypnosisdownloads (dot) com

They have a large library--and they aren't that expensive.  The site was recommended to me as a resource by a counselor years ago.  I've used it for a few things.  Not sure I'd put stock in the "big stuff" but for smaller things like mood boosting and power napping and the like, it seems to be worth a few dollars.

Just an idea...
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Thanks, I will check it out.
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I can't remember if you have said this before, but do you have Bartonella?  My only symptoms of Bartonella were a preponderance of neuro and gut symptoms along with anxiety.  If I hadn't tested positive for it, it might have taken a while to figure out. My anxiety pretty much disappeared after I switched from Rifampin to Levaquin (no tendon problems so far).

I would sometimes take 1/2 of a .5g dose of XanaX at night. A couple times I took one during the day (like the time my husband walked up to me and handed me one, saying authoritively, "Here. Take this."). I do feel it helped. It wasn't a big enough dose to make me feel weird.  (It is pretty clear that 'drug sensitivity' is also on my list.)

I haven't tried any natural treatments for it, but I would imagine that chamomile and others would be helpful. Sorry I am not much help?
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There are all sorts of natural approaches to anxiety...I have been on some for 4 years..different for everyone, I would ask for an adrenal saliva test to determine which will be affective for you... Good luck
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i actually got my IGenx co-infection results this afternoon which came out positive for Bartonella and I think I have every symptom you can have. I posted pre-results but now I know why I am having those symptoms. I had a bad reaction from Xanax and I am also sensitive to meds so hate the thoughts of having to take some other pill but thanks for the info on the antibiotics. I might switch too.
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i will ask my LLMD about that test, thanks
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