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Does it look like bartonella and lyme?

Hello guys,
I have several health problems, some are urological (strange pain in urethra that lasts still and frequent urination) but I've visited my urologist and everything was OK..it lasts more than year now. I also have kind of strange feeling in my throat that lasts two years, but ORL specialist had done swabs and checked my throat. Again everything was OK. I also feel general fatigue for one year so I had to stop doing any sports. Another symptoms are: ear ringing sometimes, something that looks like folliculitis and also seborrheic dermatitis, headaches, easy brusing, sometimes itching of my body without visible rash, muscle twitching, faster heartbeat sometimes, bicep/shoulder and knuckle pain. I also have problems with finding the words when I speak.
Now I have this rash in my underarm and I don't know if it's not chafed only, because it seems like it is under the skin. It actually looks like a blood clot, but I'm not really what would cause it this way.
The second picture is not that visible, it's only one small line. Since the last summer I have kind of sensitive skin and sometimes I develope rash that looks like little and flat red dots. When I was reading the Lyme symptoms I realized that I had facial paralysis about 4 years ago, but I thougt it was an allergic reaction to some food so I did not go to see my doc. It fixed up within a week on its own so I was not bothering with that anymore. And also since then I started to sweat more in my upper body.
Does it look like bartonella?
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