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Drastic skin changes typical in Lyme or some other cause to blame?

I have aged noticeably since i got sick. <My skin has gotten sooo THIN and deep wrinkles all within 2-3yrs. I am just wondering if this is normal? I put up a pic on my profile, and i was wondering if u guys could take a look at it(again, on my profile).its the most recent one with my breast(nipple blacked out/covered, dont worry!)(and how bad my skin looks). Can anyone relate?
    U would not even believe how bad it looks. If someone looked at the pic, not my face in it they would guess I was in my 60's 70's I kid u not! do u think that has anything to do with lyme? or maybe something else, or just aging from the stress? Please check it out and tell me what u think. sorry if this is inappropriate in any way bc it's my chest(but again, nipple is NOT exposed so same as if i were wearing a bathing suit) but I just dont understand why my skin has become this way within such a short time! It's not right!
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Not sure!  Lyme is a real stress-maker, tho, so maybe yes.

See if anyone else has had this ... but in the meantime, try not to worry over it, because more stress isn't what your immune system needs.  I used to have a little chat with my poor ole body sometimes, like right before I went to sleep, commiserating with it and saying I was doing my best to get us both well and to hang in there.  It made me feel better to at least TRY!  

Mind/body thing.
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On your profile under photos it says "no photos".

I can tell you that some of the so-called European strains of Lyme (which are actually rife in the USA too) give you abnormally thin skin. It tends to be particulary on hands and feet but can be everywhere, so that could possibly be a cause.
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I found the photo but the lighting wasn't too good. I did see what seemed to be 'wrinkles' or 'lines' on the skin.

I can't begin to guess what is causing that, though. Have you ever had a baby or been pregnant?  (sorry for the personal question. Don't answer if too personal.)

Are the 'wrinkles' just on the breast or in other places?

You might try going to a dermatologist to see if you can get an answer from one. It has me stumped and I can't remember reading of that from Lyme, but Lyme can do some pretty strange things.
Let us know if you find an answer, please, and I hope you do find an answer that has a 'cure'.

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Serendipity is alive and well. I was browsing another site about Lyme (that is more a science-drop than a patient-centric one such as MedHelp.

There were several abstracts/articles about some other dermatological aspects of Lyme, other than the classic bulls-eye.
Several addressed idiopathic atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini (IAPP).

This was just after I'd read trying's post about her striations and which didn't ring a bell with me at all.

[Idiopathic atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini (IAPP)]

"IAPP is an abortive, primarily atrophic variant of morphea. The clinical appearance of IAPP may be variable according to the stage of dermal atrophy and distribution of the lesions."


Some other names to run by your dermatologist, if you go to one. But your llmd might have more interest in it. (Sometimes we patients educate our doctors!)

Linear scleraderma
Atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini
dermal atrophy

" localized morphea, guttate morphea, nodular morphea, subcutaneous morphea, linear scleroderma, and atrophoderma of Pierini and Pasini [1]."
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In a word, cave:  awesome.  Don't know how you found that one online, but bravo!
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I updated my "privacy" for the photos...so theyre on there now!
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I have one child..she will be 6 in July. The picture on the right is post baby. I popped right back in to shape after I had her and my breasts were fine, my skin was fine, i didnt even work out(I have naturally fast metabolism..soimetimes at least..my weight fluctuates). the skin thing happened all within about 8-10 months. It happened soo fast! I dont get it! the skin on my face is so thin now too, and aged.
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All the more reason to get to a doc.  Try not to worry about your skin, tho, and focus on getting rid of the infection.
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I looked at your photos online just now, and while I know it's very distressing to you, it doesn't look that bad to me .... skin is resilient, so focus on getting the rest of you well, and I'll bet the skin comes back like it used to be too.
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I think besides the thyroid issues and lymph nodes this was our biggest thing in common.  My skin is very loose, thin, and was dry (don't know if the doxy or the change in seasons remedied that).  Always petite I used to ( as in 2 years ago) look much younger than my age.  Now, I am visibly aged.  My skin is wrinkly and so pliable.  If I were a super hero I'd be that super stretchy guy.  My skin just covers me like bread dough.  It is gross and I hate it!!!!  That being said, I'd wear my wrinkled skin at the ripe age of 34 with pride to get a smidgen of my brain back:(
I would too. I got bit in 2013. I just found out a week ago. I didn't realize what the bite was. My brains, my skin, and my physical fitness and agility... All gone.
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OMG yes u just described my skin perfectly! How crazy we are sooo much alike with pretty much everything! Yes I used to look soo young for my age (as u can see in the pic on the right) I was proud of my skin and the way I looked, and now I look sooo visibly aged. Like u said, skin in thin, STRECHY, wrinkly, and I just turned 27..it also came on SOOO fast! I didn't know skin could change so drastically in such a short period of time!
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Yeah, definitely way more focused on the infection, I just wondered if this could be related(although if it is, then getting treated will help it along with everything else) I have stopped caring about my looks..I am too exhausted to give a hoot. I used to maintain my looks and worry about them but now, I just want to FEEL good and I don't care NEARLY as much about my looks as I once did.
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