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Educating Children with lyme in Australia.....anyone else out there. HELP!

In the process of diagnosis/treatment and overcoming this insidious disease how does one educate ones child (14 year old) who likewise is in the process of diagnosis/treatment and overcoming this insidious disease in a country where ones government doesn't even acknowledge the disease.  The same said government establishes strict policies and guidelines for education of all their 5-16year olds, but seemingly allows massive cracks for them to fall through by ignoring the fact that they are suffering with chronic long term illness.    Where do I go from here?  Would desperately LOVE to hear of anyone else going through this situation downunder.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oiy, Oiy, ......oh boy!
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Hopefully you don't have to wait for the government to acknowledge Lyme. You just need to convince her teachers and school principal (director? headmaster?).

Here in The States, some school districts provide a tutor to come to the home occasionally. Others will provide materials so you can school at home whenever she feels well enough. Others do nothing and you're on your own.  Hopefully, your daughter's school will be cooperative.
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oops, I think the search that turned up the best links was

              lyme disease school accommodations

but you'll find lots out there.
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I just searched on google for

                  lyme disease school

and got many interesting links on this topic, in case no one here has experience to share.
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