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Epson Salt Bath- How does it make you feel?

Hi everyone, first, I want to say that I am so very happy,,, I recieved a phone call last night that my disability will continue and I do not have to go in front of a judge at a hearing. I am so relieved that I will finally get my benefits back after 4 months without it!!

Second,,, I decided that I wanted to try out my Epson salt bath this morning and just sit and relax enjoying the scent of chamomile (wow, can't remember how to spell it) anyway,, when I was getting out of the tub, I felt refreshed (of course) but also, like I had wobbly legs and my hand tremor acted up a bit.

so my question is, How do people usually feel after having a salt bath, better, worse, or not much of a difference? Just curious,,, :)

Hope everyone is well!!

OH yeah, and since I am thinking about it,,, last night while sleeping I woke up in a full drenched night sweat, could this be a herx?

Thanks everyone,
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To my understanding, Epsom salts are a good source of magnesium, and since Lyme uses up magnesium in the body and I think causes some of the 'Lyme jitters' I was experiencing, baths like that are likely a good thing.  It's my impression, tho I can't say where I read this, that while it's possible to take too much magnesium in pill form, absorbing it through the skin through an Epsom salts bath doesn't have that effect.  You might ask your doc.

Dunno about the wobbles you got afterward ...

And the sweats could be a Herx, could be a coinfection surfacing.  Sorry, don't remember your diagnosis at the moment, and dashing out and can't look it up.  

Hope you feel better today!
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I took an Epsom salt bath about a month and a half ago and it felt great, but afterwards I was a mess.  I'm not sure what was going on, but I felt worse and had to lay down the rest of the night.  I also had a little ginger and tee trea oil in the bath too.  Maybe too much?
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The epsom salt baths help my muscle pain. Epsom salt baths are also used for detox I believe. I have also heard of baking soda being used.

The night sweats are typically Babesia related to my knowledge.
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Thanks everyone,, and I just realized that the spelling is epsom not epson, lol, I don't know if it was the heat from the bath or the salt, but I felt like jello and then couple hrs. later was sleeping on the couch. I can't believe how crazy tired I am all of the time. All I want to do is lay down and sleep any chance I get.

And Jackie, my LLMD said that the treatment that I am on is to treat Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia. Ree, they did say that my night sweats that I have had in the past could be from the Babesia, I think that's what made me think that last nights episode was a herx.

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You know how a baby gets all floppy after a bottle or breastfeeding?  Partly it's the full stomach, partly the warmth, and partly the magnesium, which induces relaxation too.

Sleep when you can -- your body needs the rest to do battle with the bugz.
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Epsom salt baths really help me feel better. I take magnesium supplements twice a day, but when I'm feeling really crummy and struggling to fill my lungs, the epsom salts bath helps.  I feel better when I get out, but I also feel relaxed.  I think I read somewhere that you should only stay in for 20 minutes so you don't absorb too much at once.  
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I've often wondered if the body wisely shuts off (somehow) its absorption of Mg through the skin ... if taken internally (through the digestive system) the body has no option but to deal with what's been introduced into it, but through the skin, I don't know if reaches a certain level and just stop absorbing.  Any data/commentary welcome.
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I haven't taken another Epsom bath yet, I want to wait a couple of days to see how I react again...

My doc, didn't mention to me anything about taking a supplement of magnesium, if I remeber right, the depletion of magnesium can cause the muscles to twitch, Right? Should I ask him at my next appt. if I should be on some of these types of supplements?

I still feel very clueless about treatment, herxing, supplements, and what's normal, if I have any changes , getting better, or not.. I don't feel any different. My sinuses are still full like a constant sinus infection, some days my hand tremor is not too bad, and other days it's back full force.

Time to start a new post, LOL I've got questions,, again,,,,

Pam :)
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My LLMD never recommended or even mentioned supplements/vitamins, the doc being an antibiotics kinda guy.

I dug around and started putting together my own supplements, and then when I was pretty done with Lyme treatment, I started seeing a new doc who understands Lyme but sees The Big Picture of health and nutrition.  Classically trained, but very very wise.  It's made a huge difference for me.

I've read that the Lyme bacteria use up magnesium (Mg) in their reproductive process, and because Mg is held mostly inside the body's cells, blood tests don't show low Mg levels till it's VERY very low and causing twitching and cramps and even heart irregularities.  I told one of my clueless docs that I felt better taking Mg supplements and he looked down his nose at me and said I could cause kidney damage by taking "too much", but of course didn't say how much too much was.  Sigh.

So I stuck with the daily dose printed on the Mg bottle and I was fine.  Later another doc told me that I'd get diarrhea before I damaged my kidneys from too much Mg.  No, I never got diarrhea, and the Mg was great.  Reduced some of the jitters, helped me sleep, stopped the muscle twitching and cramping.

My wise doc I found later on recommended a sinus rinse called NeilMed.  It has a squeeze bottle and little packets of specially pH balanced powder to put with sterile water in the squeeze bottle.  Like a neti pot, but from the drugstore.  (I don't recall needing a prescription tho.)  I used it some, but didn't much care for it, kind of like getting swimming pool water up your nose but without the chlorine smell.  It seemed to help, tho.  (Be sure to use boiled water [after it cools down], to avoid getting a serious sinus infection from the often common bacteria that live in water ... I read in the paper the other day about some people who got a serious brain infection from probably using unsterilized water in a neti pot.)

So, more info than you probably wanted, but it might help your clogged up sinuses.  

It may take a while for your nervous system to settle down and the twitches to stop ... I'm not medically trained, but that said, I don't know of any reason not to take Mg supplements daily in a reasonable dose.  I still take Mg every day, and I like the effect.  Ask your doc if it's okay if you have any concern about it, and also about the sinus rinse approach.
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