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Every Lyme patient needs to read this on Mycoplasmas

Read this article in its entirety.  It is very informative on how info has been suppressed and how this stuff was tested on the Texas penal prisoners.  Garth is mentioned here as many others.  The article writer definately has her "ducks in a row" and her sh!ft packed tight.  Explains about the co-infections as well.  14 months of research and this article pretty much sums it all up and is correct.  We are being missled.


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hmm, wonder why the address is *'ed out

http://www.mail-archive.com/c t r l @ listserv.   aol.com/msg47610.html

see if that works, just backspace the empty spots
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The message you post was written ten years ago, makes a lot of accusations of cover ups and so on, but does not, in my view, accomplish anything but to upset already ill people with talk of conspiracies and suppression of information.

We Lyme patients are already up against real barriers in diagnosis and treatment, and worrying about ten-year-old conspiracy theories just doesn't seem like a productive use of time to me.

Is it not better to seek diagnosis and treatment from MDs who can help, rather than ruminate over old theories of evil-doing?  Just a thought.
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Ok, do you trust what Dr Nicholson has to say?   I have spoken to him on the phone several times and that article seems to pretty much sum up our conversations.  He is a VERY bright researcher.  Or, do you question his credentials?  Why would he be untruthful?  Along with Dr Mirkin, who is board certified in FOUR diff specialties, and he echoes the same beliefs.  Trust me Jackie, I'm no bumpkin and was no conspiracy theorist .  I have 3 friends from the Gulf War that are chronically ill and have been told by the VA that they have MS, LUPUS, ALS, etc.  their lives and their spouses lives are ruined, both  physically AND emotionally.  One of my friends wives had 28 marble sized cysts in her ovaries and tubes, another had a total hysterectomy at 26.  All are suffering from chronic illnesses.  Coincedence?  I think not when there is a common denominator.

But after I gave them info and they got proper testing, EVERY ONE OF THEM TESTED POS FOR LYME AND CO-INFECTIONS.  That's just my thought.  Every friend got innoculated before they went overseas (one stayed here and was stationed at Ft Dietrich)and witnessed and experienced first hand Maliria like symptoms, mental issues, even FRATRICIDE (on their squadron mates) from this illness.  Did you know that until 1997 it was legal for the gov't to test bugs on you?  Technically it is illegal now, but a friend of mine who worked at Ft Dietrich said that they can get away from that by creating bugs to make "cures".  He was in armaments, artillery, etc.  They had to constantly take EDTA (a chelation drug) to remove the toxins from their bodies from all the stuff there.

  "theories of evil doing", I think not.  I have friends and relatives that have access to more information than you.  These are not theories.
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Okay then let me be more blunt:

Let's say everything you are saying is true.  It may be; it may not be.  I don't know.

But if it is all true, where does it get anyone who is ill to expound on these conspiracy theories?  

Many people with Lyme and other tickborne diseases are emotionally and psychologically fragile when they get here, and scaring the snot out of them does not, in any way I can imagine, help them.

You're angry, I get it.  But how does raising all this stuff help people who come here to figure out if they may have Lyme and find a doc to treat them for it?

I don't know if you were ever that fragile, but believe me, many many who come here are.  Please have some consideration for them.  The dark intimations of huge evil ("I have friends and relatives that have access to more information than you") don't help anyone here.  It maybe makes you feel better to vent, but please think of others here who can't handle that.
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I for one certainly have an interest in this area, Ive found every immunization I've had in my life except the one that infected me. Can't find what organization gave them to us, and I'm quite sure I didn't get this stuff from chicken sneezes!  However, I experienced a massive die off last night and this morning.  All that was in me from my neck down to my groin is now in my legs, so can't get into the debate just yet, got to keep them elevated so that I don't wind up looking like a victim of elephantitus or leprosy.  Each leg feels like it weighs 5lb more than it did yesterday.  Mycoplasmas are primarily sterols, cholesterol, things like that, not water soluble. It's going to take awhile to reabsorb, not sure, I want to, but at this point have no other option.  Any ill person needs to be properly informed of just what they're dealing with, and in my opinion, an intelligent person who puts their fate in the hands of someone who isn't well informed, simply because he has the letters MD behind his name, isn't so intelligent after all.  Now, back the prone position...
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  Jackie, I'm pissed because this is being passed sexually and can by nature be passed just as a virus or bacteria can.  I feel my wife and children are becoming ill as well.  I was on here on the STD experts page and Dr Hunter Handsfeld, who supposedly is an expert here said there was nthing wrong with me and it was in my head.  So I essentially go for months thinking I must be "fragile" or psychotic, meanwhile I am becoming CHRONICALY ill with whatever I was infected with, which turned out to be Lymes.
  The standard doc's say Lymes can't be passed sexually, I beg to differ.  Lyme docs agree with me.  I am here to state that Lymes sufferers need to be aware of their families and take every precaution.  Sometimes you need to be shocked to take action and get things resolved.  There are many more here looking for answers and don't know where to turn.  Many are fed up with being told "it's in your head".  Most want the truth.  Most if not all want to know "why" and "how".  It's human nature.

Blunt?   You want blunt?  I called the Red Cross and told them that I was a regular donor but was now concerned that I could not give blood.  I was told that since my Labcorp and Quest tests were Neg, I didn't have Lymes!     So hypothetically, if I give blood, I am dooming one person or many to certain chronic illness.  The red cross does not check for Lyme using the proper criteria.  That information needs to be told and available to anyone that comes here and reads these posts.  
  You act as though I should come here with a daisy petal and a soothing voice.  Well that might work for some, but others need a brick.  I am providing the brick.  People NEED to be angry about this or we are doomed by silence.  Dr Nicolson and others have risked their reputations and lives trying to get this info out there to people searching for answers, and you want to have us meekly accept this malady and be grateful.  Screw that.
Yes, I AM privy to information the general public does not have (or wants to know).  This to me is just another example of us as a population that goes along believing that this could never happen in the US.  It's almost as if the Fed Gov't has bean counters and decides what the calculated risk is.  Unfortunately, this little "experiment" of theirs got out of hand and we will all be paying the price.
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I can add just a little to this, in the 90s while going to college I regularly donated plasma that was supposedly going to be used to make tetanus vaccines, yet I'm pretty sure what is in my head is a mycoplasma.  Have you had your booster lately?  I'm afraid nothing is going to happen until the victims cry out, as Dr. Nicolson said.  The problem is the medical community not being willing to accept cold hard evidence.  How could they?  What admit they were wrong?  Fonzie couldn't say the word either.  What, give up the billions we're raking in from the insurance companies.  Then there's the drug companies, I'm not going there.

Awareness, it has to start somewhere.  How many of us infected and afflicted people standing upwind of the White House and breathing hard do you suppose it would take to make them aware?
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Now, I can't help but wonder just what came to be because of the letter in the link you posted.  Probably the same as what will come of the one I send the Ohio Dept of Health, nothing.  I'd considered getting a bunch of us who know we're infected and perhaps take the Congressional tour, but then I realized, it's very likely many of them are already infected, so we wouldn't cause anything to happen that way either.  I seem to recall reading somewhere "And their worm shall not die."  Hmm, fitting phrase for both Lyme and myoplasmas it seems.
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The word is getting out people.  The posts on the link below are over a year old, but it shows people are thinking about things.  http://orbisvitae.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=51428  So, anyone you can link to the posts on mycoplasmas will be helpful, and I encourage those with a lot of friends to do so.
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Please pm me. I need help finding an LLMD in our area. I just need to know what to do. I need help. Please.
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