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Exercise & another strange question

Hello again Lyme gang-

I have a couple more strange questions for you...

1. Before all my crazy symptoms popped up in October, I was a hard core exerciser- 5-6 days a week, cardio dance, kick boxing, weight training etc. My llmd enouraged me last week to get back to it when I feel up to it. This morning I took a cardio dance class, took it easy though. I'm feeling a little worse though right now... tingley face/ gums, eyebrow pain (strange one) and more tired. Just wondering if you all can share some of your experieinces about how you feel when exercising. Does any one know if weight training is ok? I'd def. do lights weights for awhile first.

I just started antibiotics friday night so maybe some of my symtpoms could be herxing, I can't really tell what's what.

2. Keep forgetting to ask my doc this.... So all my life I've had 2 main complaints- psoriasis and sinus pain. (I miss the days when they were my main concerns actually.) However, since my symptoms came on in Oct, I have not had one sinus headache at all, nothing, so unusual. My psoriasis is pretty much clear and I have not used much med at all- another hard thing to accomplish. Any body else expeience anything like this?
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Hey Ren!

As you I use to exercise me butt off! everyday.... I just started yesterday doing it again cause im feeling a bit better. But I do know exercise can cause symptoms if you over do it

When i first tryed to do it again after my attack i got done with my video and and omg i was tingly light headed dizzy exhaussted  twichy ect. all from just trying to exercise ... Since then i just do half the video  then half later on in the day or the next day.  DO NOT OVER DO IT is what i learned and what all my doctors tell me all the time.

They highly encourage you to exercise but do it limited and know yours limits  weight training is fine I want to start doing that myself just dont press yourself or symptoms will come busting through!

I dont know about the sinuses stuff tho sorry! Well I jst came on her real quick to check something and saw you posted a questions  ill talk to you later!
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The one thing I have learned THE HARD WAY is anytime I tire my body out in any way shape or form I suffer severely. I would really like to begin an exercise routine again but the last time I tried to exercise daily I had 2 very bad weeks following 3 days of exercise. The other thing I have learned is that weight loss can also trigger symptoms to increase, so be cautious and talk to your llmd about ways to minimize them.
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The ILADS-supported Burrascano guidelines suggest that exercise should only be done when the patient is well enough, though that's arbitrary.  I worked out regularly even when fatigue was/is a concern.  For me it just made me feel better and I've discussed that choice with my doc.  At times I have over-done it and suffered consequences, but overall I think it has helped me.  I am sure that exercise needs to be addressed case-by-case and what works for one will not suit all.  

Another issue can be heat intolerance.  I had a largely neurological presentation and for awhile I was very sensitive to heat, as it would really set all of my symptoms on "high" and sometimes heat (shower, exercise, outdoors in summer) would cause me to feel exhausted and flu-ish.  Do you get worse from heat, or does it have to be exercise?  If it is heat, you can try to add fans and drink lots of cold water to help.  That's what I did, plus taking a cool shower right after.

As for 2, I can't directly relate but in general once I started treatment my once constant symptoms went all over the map, come and go and in varying severity.  I went from a slow steady decline onto a roller coaster!  

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Hey all -
This is the first time I've posted on here, I've been on antibiotics since early november, and mostly began suffering all my crazy symptoms in September/October too -
Ren - i'm interested in your story as it sounds like you picked up this nasty little surprise at around the same time as I did!

Re: Excercising - I would agree that going too far and taking it out of yourself causes a resurgence in symptoms, though Burrascano MD does advocate muscle strengthening and toning, but less on the cardio workout until you really feel you can.

At the moment I feel like excercise would do me the world of good but having a 6 month old baby means I get little to no sleep which again means body is taking forever to get over this!!.

Interestingly, I too suffered from sinus pain pre-Lyme, but I think the antibiotics, (long courses and various types) have helped so they may help you too.

I am still learning about all this so would appreciate if anyone could tell me a posuitive story about getting rid of the Lyme??? How long does it take and does anyone have any hints and tips?

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Welcome to the Lyme group! I found this to be very helpful!

Well, my story goes like this.... Started off with what seemed like a sore calf, little swollen. spasming. Went to ER Oct. 27th b/c it could've been a clot, but it wasn't. Calf got better then I started to have tingling in my foot, hands, prickleys in my face/scalp, shooting pains in my legs and eventually hands too. Even had arthritic type shooting pains in hands. Then bad burning pains in shoulders and neck that goes along with extra special crackiness LOL, and then the most fun was a pain and tingling in my neck that shoots into my face, sometimes downward too but usually up. I get twitches in legs and hands. I sometimes get tingling like behind my eyeballs, prickleys in my eyes, tingling on side of my face, pain in my eyebrow that radiates tingling in my face, tingling on my nose. Yeah a host of strange stuff. I saw a neuro yesterday who said every case of lyme is so very different from the next. He has seen cases where the person only had headaches, or only face numbness, it's all so variable.

I've been mri'd from my lumbar spine up to my brain- all normal. Tested for lupus, RA, HIV, you name it. Two different neuro's have now said this is not MS.

On my western blot I only had one + on the 23-25 band and 3 IND's on other lyme bands. Tested pos for erhlichia too. I'm still skeptical of my Dx though, not sure why...I'm just the kinf of person that likes certainty I guess.
My llmd seemed to expect me to have a herx but I haven't really so I'm nervous about that.... I started abx a week ago and felt bad on sunday, but that was it. Yesterday I had some armpit pain, was wondering if I was getting swollen lymph node.

I'm acutally feeling better though. I never thought that I had the brain fogginess that often comes with lyme but I must say the past few days things just seem clearer to me, can't explain it but I just feel better.

I get re-tested next friday and will see llmd Feb. 19th so I'm just starting this process... that's my story so far.
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Hi - Great to hear from you thanks for writing back - I am certainly finding this group helpful too! It's good to know I am not on my own, as nobody here (UK) seems to know much about it, and I certainly don't know anyone who has had this.

My story is so similar to yours it's scary!! I know they say Lyme presents differently in everyone but I think they are subtle differences - so much of what you have described is me to a tee! Apart from the calf thing - Mine started in my lower back, and was so painful I too went to ER on 8th October - MRI scan showed nothing - they thought it may be an epidural abscess after I had my baby but no...That got better (as your calf did!) then the shooting pains and tingling began - exactly the same - face legs, hands and feet at first, nose upper lip... random and very strange! MNeanwhile haedaches and sinus pain, general feeling of fatigue..I too worried about MS - but Neuro said 'Guillain barre syndrome'! Luckily my GP did not agree with this and asked if I had been bitten - I did not  remember at first but then it all came back to be - I was bitten in May!  My daughter was ill when born in August but was treated with abx as a precaution thankfully so she seems ok, so it's just me who's trying to get better now.

RE: Herxing - I definitely notice it every 4 weeks approximately. Symptoms return for a few days, but not in a big way so don't be afraid of herxing - it is a good sign that the bacteria are being killed and releasing a neurotoxin as they die!

Apparently you have to stay on treatment until the herxing ends completely and you go for 6 weeks with no symptoms. I know what you mean about the fuzzy head thing, mine cleared almost immediately when I began Abx, and I only get dizzy now when I am herxing (which was last week) but am OK today!! It really makes you aoppreciate the good days and having your health back !!!

Hope you continue to see a real improvement. What antibiotics are you on by the way? Wondered if in USA they prescribe different things. I am on Docycycline 200mg twice a day... I opray it carries on working until we are clear of this completely!

Take care
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