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Extreme Dry Lips, anyone get this?

Since getting Lyme, a symptom that I have noticed is extreme dry lips to the point where they are cut and I am constantly using a lip balm for it and even something to "sugar" the lips to get rid of the dryness but it only comes back. Has anyone had this? I would love to find something that would really work.
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Unfortunately, I have had this. It started for me right after the forest fire where I suspect I contracted Lyme's but I had always assumed it was due to the constant fever I've run since then.  

I have heard that a lot of chapped lips, hands, etc. are actually due to bacterial infections as opposed to ordinary dry skin, so if that's true Lyme's patients ought to be prone to this. The most helpful thing I've found for this is to use Neosporin as lip balm. I don't know if it is the antibacterial action or just the emollient that helps so much, but I strongly feel it is the combination. As I've gotten deeper into my herbal studies, I've been making my own lip balm with coconut oil and clove oil, both of which are antibacterial and antiviral and they also give me much better results than plain lip balm.
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Thanks, I am going to try it right now.
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I used to have this problem too.
In case the suggestions from Valkyrie don't work out for you, I cleared mine up with Blistex (cream for cold sores).
It's interesting about the infection issue that Valkyrie mentioned. After using Blistex for a while a stopped getting problems and I hardly ever need it now - so I wonder if it cleared something up?
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Thank you, yes it is interesting about the bacteria but makes sense otherwise this would have gone away a lot sooner. It has been over a year now some days worse than others.
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I had a bad case of it recently...in additional to chronic peeling/flaking of my facial skin. My dermatologist took skin scrapings, and found no evidence of yeast, fungal or bacteria infection. All topical medications I tried over the year does not work. She wanted to do skin biopsy but reluctant to do on my face.  *sigh*
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So far I can tell a bit of a change with the blistex so thank you for the suggestion.
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This might be due to a vitamin deficiency.

By Walter Last

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fwiw, I got parched and peeling lips, esp. in the corners of my mouth, from taking too much Vitamin B12.  
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I like that list, thanks
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That is interesting, I am on a lot of b12.
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I made the classic mistake of thinking if a little [B12] is good, then a lot will be better ... duh.  Since B vitamins are water soluble (right?), I figured they would just wash out of my body ... but no.  I cut back to a 'normal' dose and the cracked lips/corner of mouth cleared up pretty fast.

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the blistex worked so fast, my lips are almost normal so thank you, relief!
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