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Facial Rash

New symptom of Flare-up. My face around my nose is a red, bumpy rashy mess. It's spreading. I'm developing bumps/ rash on chest! What in the world???
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I'd go see the doc.  Or at least call.  Take fotos of the rash and show them to the doc, they may fade before you get there.  
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Jackiecalifornia, I have taken photos. So weird. I have gone back to 3 years ago with the numbness, fatigue, cognitive issues. The rash is new. Painful and burning. I'm keeping a log till I see the doctor. I have an EEG tomorrow and MRI but Neuro can only go so far. My walk has become difficult ( avid runner). I truly hope this second go round is the winner. My blood pressure was very low on Thursday seeing Neuro and I have another mass in my body( first removed from armpit)! I've read masses are not uncommon..,,
I'm wondering if
Bio--film collects,stores and creates these masses on the body? Have you come across anyone with Tumors/Lipomas? Is the rash Yeast? I keep hearing yeast and rash?!... But new for me. Thank you
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I'm glad you're seeing the doc again -- Lyme is a tricky customer, and everyone seems to have different collections of symptoms, so don't be surprised if you are different from everyone else you hear about.  Try not to worry, tho I know that is hard.  

I just searched on google for   -- lyme rash -- and got some interesting links, but don't make yourself even more concerned by looking at them.  Being anxious is often a part of having Lyme (it's a biochemical thing, not 'just' being anxious), so don't beat yourself up if the pictures bother you.

I don't know if these links will come through, but I will also send them to you in a private message through this site, where the links will not be blocked out:

Lyme Disease Pictures Slideshow: Symptoms, Causes ...
Mar 5, 2014 - WebMD's Lyme Disease Slideshow provides up-close pictures of Lyme disease rashes and the ticks that can carry the disease, along with ...

Lyme Disease Symptoms and Treatment - WebMD
Picture of Lyme Disease Several of the patients reported having a peculiar skin rash just before developing arthritis symptoms, and many also recalled being ...

Lyme is SO different in everyone, for all kinds of reasons, so try not to worry, okay?  

The biofilms are, I think, inside the body, where they aren't seen.  The immune system can't burrow through them either, which is why the Lyme bacteria like to lounge around there.

I haven't ever read of the biofilms getting large or anything, so again, deep breaths.  (Are you taking magnesium?  If not, try warm Epsom salts baths or foot baths.  Epsom salts have a lot of magnesium in them, and it's absorbed through the skin.  Very soothing.)

And be sure to tell the doc all the vitamins and supplements you are taking -- that way the doc can factor it all in to how you're feeling.

My first guess would be that the rash is not yeast, but I'm not medically trained, so dunno.

Take care!  Keep us posted --
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