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Financial assistance for needy Lyme patients

Jackie suggested that this be posted as a separate entry.

There are patient assistance services for those that can't afford medications. The person still needs a doctor (llmd in the case of Lyme) to sign off on the request.
Not all medications are available but many are. I used Needymeds before Rocephin went generic. The criteria for each drug may be different (whether you can have ins., Medicare, poverty or close to it) so check them out.

Here are the links:

I used them in beginning of my 'saga' and found them very helpful. I hope that the criteria remains the same because so many people just can't afford the drugs to help with Lyme.
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I also understand that LymeTAP [ dot ] com is a financial assistance program.
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Yes, Lyme Tap helps as well as Lyme light foundation, however that one is based on age requirements.
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Here is the url for LymeTap:


"This nationwide assistance program was made possible by a very generous donation from IGeneX Inc., a CLIA/Medicare licensed laboratory. Any CLIA/Medicare licensed laboratory may be selected for testing: you do not have to use IGeneX for this program."

Ferndale is in Humboldt County CA.

"The highest incidence per
100,000 persons per year from 1997
to 2006 occurred in the northwestern
counties of Trinity (18.5), Humboldt
(7.8) and Mendocino (6.6)."


Mendocino County had 41% infectivity  rate for nymphal ticks----- equal to or surpassing some counties in the NE.
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(Talking to myself, again! lol)

LymeAid 4 Kids is a grant program designed to help children who are uninsured or underinsured get the medical care that they need to treat lyme disease.

This fund was developed with the help of author Amy Tan in 2004, and is supported by donations to the Lyme Disease Association.

The applicationn form is found at:

Amy Tan, author, had/has Lyme disease.

"LDA created the fund in collaboration with internationally acclaimed, New York Times best-selling author Amy Tan, who is supporting it with book tour donations from her recent work, “The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings.” She includes a chapter on her fight against Lyme disease, including her difficulty in getting diagnosed. Ms. Tan opened the fund with a $20,000 donation at the LDA/Columbia Philadelphia medical conference, November 2003."
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PS you can post without filling in the 'To' box.  See mojo's post just above yours.
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Jackie----- A test to seem if your suggestions works. Not because I doubt you but because I doubt I'm doing it right. LOL  This is a test!
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Well, it worked but my spelling didn't get any better. LOL I meant "see" not "seem". Actually it's not so much the spelling, but in the last year or so I will leave off an 'ed' or use an 'ed' when I wanted to use 'ing'. Clear as mud? (Just  using those as an example.) Sigh
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I do that all the time. I am think of a word but another word comes out on the screen. Very frustrating!
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I've been researching the Lymelight Foundation--- mentioned as another non-profit that helps with money for treatment.

This Foundation seems to furnish grants for alternative treatments more so than for evidence based treatments. If those treatments get people well or better---- more power to them.

But I was curious about the fact that LymeLight gave a grant to a young man who went to New Delhi for human embryonic stem cell treatment.

They are a very expensive  and long series of treatments and not authorized here in the US and usually only (in India) when the word 'experimental' is attached to the contract.

At this point, according to the Help Ari and Dannie web site:

"Stem cells do not eradicate Borrelia, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, making the treatment they have received thus far necessary in treating the Borrelia. However, both, Ari and Dannie, are suffering from the damage that was caused by Borrelia and its co-infections including encephalitis, chronic fatigue and myelitis.

These are among the most disabling impacts of the disease, which will be remedied by stem cell transplant. In effect, stem cell transplant will correct the damage done by the infection, returning them to a higher level functioning and enabling them to re-enter life!"

I'm hoping for the day (long off) when stem cell treatment research is completed and perhaps can be used for difficult medical conditions in the U.S.  And I hope that those two young people have had their 'life' returned to them.

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