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Got bit by a tick

Hi,Do you know what the symptoms of lyme disease are? I got bit by a black legged tick last June and I've been sick since september/october with fatigue,chills,nausea,body aches(flu like symptoms),and sweats. My right ribs are sore(side of bite). I can't hardly move and I've been getting headaches. I was tested back in june(about 12 days after the bite)and the first test was borderline and the second test was negative. It's about 7 months later and I still have a red looking bump. I don't like this feeling. The doctors don't know whats wrong with me,but I know there's something wrong. I just got another blood test done 2 days ago for lyme and waiting for the results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated,thank you! I posted on this website before regarding endometriosis because of the horrible pelvic pain and irregular periods.
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Hello again.  What you describe above is very suspicious for lyme.  There is a symptoms list in the health pages here under Dr. Burrascano's treatment guidelines.  You may also want to look in the health pages under physicians and read Dr. Crist's information on symptoms and testing.  Lyme testing is not very accurate anyway but antibodies do not show up for several weeks after the bite if they show up at all.  I think your test was done too early to show anything.  Many people, including myself had to see physicians who specialize in lyme disease to be evaluated and treated.

  I hope this forum can be of some help to you.

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Hi,thank you so much for the response. I will take a look. This waiting is a killer. I just don't like being ill and not knowing whats wrong. Last June I went on a trail at the lake in town here and had run into stinging neddles. That was no fun,lol. At about 12:30 to 1:00am the next morning I felt uncomfertable on my right side,so I laid on my left side. I felt to see what was wrong with my right side,and I felt something attached to my skin,so I tried pulling it(it didn't hurt)and in 3 hard yanks I finally got it off. I went into the bathroom to see what it was and it was a black tick(had 8 legs). It had freaked me out,so I woke my husband up so he could take a look at it,and he confirmed it was a tick. It had bit a hole in me and it was red around the bite. I don't remember a rash. 3-4 days later I went to the doctor and he said there was some black in the hole,so he wanted me to have the test done. I still get the chills just thinking about it(I don't like bugs),lol. 1-2 weeks later I had piched the bite and the rest of the tick came out and some puss. I saw some black come out,so I figured it was the tick. I got bit on June 5th and had the test done June 16th. The chills and sweats have been awful. And recently my ribs have been killing me(can't hardly get out of bed). Thank you again for responding. I will let you all know what the results are!!
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I also have been having headaches and my eyes have been hurting. My right eye was red once(not sure from what)and I kept taking eye drops for it(it's gone now). Do you know how long after the bite you get symptoms? It was 2 1/2 months after I got bit when I've been sick,and am still sick. They prescribed me with antibiotics once they told me that my first results were borderline(took it for 2-3 days)and then they told me I didn't need to take it after the 2nd results were negative(so I stopped).
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Taking antibiotics early on can cause the tests to be negative. They blunt your bodies production of the antibody they test.

This really sounds like Lyme and possibly a co-infection. The sweats could be a sign of Babesia infection as well.

You can begin to feel sick anywhere from days to years after initial infection. The bacteria can lay dormant in your system. (Happened to me)

Do you have a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) in your area? If you mention where you live, we may have suggestions on doctors.

I would bet that your tests will be negative. I have never had a positive Lyme test.
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Hi,thank you for the rsponse. I live in Oregon,about 50 miles from Portland. When I saw my doctor the first time,he wasn't concerned because he said we have a low chance on getting the disease. I don't know if we have any LLMD's around here. It was so bad last night,I was so warm and kept sweating and could hardly get any sleep,and before that I got sick. It seems like it's getting worse as time goes by. I got about 3 hours of sleep altogether. My husbands getting concerned and is hoping(me to)to get some answers real soon. Thank you again!!
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Hi,I forgot to mention which band was positive. It was the 41 kd IgM(western Blot)it said reactive,and the others were nonreactive. Does anyone know what the 41 IgM is?
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I have the same band positive.
It is not specific for Lyme.
It is the antibody to the flagella of all spirochetes. We do actually have spirochetes in our mouths.

Would this same doctor be willing to run a Babesia test? It may show something.

I really feel for you. The insomnia is the worst for me.

You may want to post a request for a LLMD in Oregon. Lyme is present in all states.
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Lyme is present everywhere.  Unfortunately is often gets overlooked in states where it is not endemic.  I was told there was no such thing as lyme in Ohio.  Funny, it's endemic in western PA which is about 1.5 hours from me.  I don't think the bugs stop at the border............
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I think the insomnia is the worst for me too.  I can live with the pain, twitching etc....If only I could get some good sleep....
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Hey,sorry for asking all these questions,it's new to me. This is weird,I'm only hurting on my right side(from head to leg), I have sore ribs where the bite is. I was hurting there(same side)before I knew it was a tick. I can't move to my right or it will hurt. I will look into the Babesia. Here's a list of my symptoms:

Mood swings
difficulty concentrating
neck pain
menstrual irregularity's
pain in pelvis
sore ribs
night/cold sweats

And there are some others..talk to you all later,have a great night..hopefully you both get sleep!!!
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My doctor thinks mine may be caused by high cortisol at night. We did some tests (saliva) and he recommended a supplement call Phoshatidylserine (PS-100).
It will lower cortisol levels only if they are high and it has good effects on your brain. It is the main essential fatty acid in the brain and it is the compound that declines with age. So even if it doesn't help the insomnia, it is good for me!

He also thought the minocycline may be stimulating and I am now on a double dose every other day. I Ialso take it earlier in the day.

Those symptoms above sure look suspicious. My symptoms are also worse on my right side. I was bit on my right calf. Who know, because it is a systemic infection, but still...

By "woozy", do you mean dizzy? That is my main symptom. Insomnia does trump it, but it is very difficult to carry out my day due to it.

Keep pushing, don't give up. I was undiagnosed for 14 years just because of negeative tests. Each doctor I saw (and there were many) suspected Lyme, did the test and then ruled it out based on the tests.

I have recently learned there is an HLA gene that if you test positive for it, you may not make antibodies to Bb!! I am going to ask my doctor next month.

I need to do more research on the HLA. I joined PubMed, and when I make sense of it, I will post info about it.

This is the definition:

HLA-DR is also involved in several autoimmune conditions, disease susceptibility and disease resistance.
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Ooops,sorry lol,I meant dizzy. I'm gonna keep pushing my doctor. My family thinks I should see another doctor for my symptoms. I've been feeling sick today and trying to do household chores is a little difficult. I have 3 kids and I sometimes need my hubby to take care of them when he gets home because of the exhaustion. My kids are 2,5,and 9. My oldest likes to help(which really helps me). When were the both of you diagnosed with lyme? I should be getting the results by wednesday(hopefully). Well,you have a wonderful day and I will keep you all posted as soon as I get the results.

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That OK. Woozy is dizzy! Or lightheaded.

I have 2 kids- a bit older 10 and 12. Yours are still little- hard. Housework is tough for me as well. it is hard to stand for any length of time. Kind of Dysautonomia symptoms w/o low blood pressure. I am tachycardic when standing.

I was finally diagnosed in November. Started treatment in December.

Good luck with the results and a good day back at you!
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Hey,could bladder issues be another symptom? Since November,I get this pressure feeling on my bladder but my urine test was normal. It feels like when I was pregnant(baby pressing on it)and it's been getting annoying with me. I thought it was because of the cyst that I had,but it had ruptured and I still have it(the pressure). I've had pain in my right shoulder since October and didn't know what it was from. Thank you all again!!!

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Yes, bladder issues can occur. I have read where people have the urge to go, but can't.

I also get right shoulder pain. Joint pain is very common with Lyme.

Lyme is a multi-system, multi-symptom disease.
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Hi,I just wanted to say thank you for all this info. It has been helping me out alot. You're all very nice and I'm glad I found this website. :)

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You are so welcome. It is good to know you are not alone. (You seem pretty nice too. :)  )
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Hi,I'm getting nervous..the first results are in,but the nurse would not tell me. She said the doctor has to review it and he will call me. When I was tested before,the nurse told me the results first,but this time he has to look at it.  I asked her if there was any positive,but she said"I don't know". She said it's out of her league(medical wise). I will keep everyone posted!!

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Hey,the nurse called me back. Does anyone know what equivocal means? Thats what she said about the first results. She said they're doing another test to confirm.

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This must be the ELISA test. Equivical means the result (#) was greater than the negative value, but not quite high enough to be called positive.

It is not a great test in terms of sensitivity.

The next test will be the Western Blot, a little better, but again, not great.

This is the typical, accepted 2 Tier testing system put into place by the CDC for surveillance purposes only.

This was never meant to be for diagnosing Lyme. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis, backed up by testing.
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Thank you,I was wondering what it meant. The nurse did say they're doing the Western Blot this time. Do you know how long it takes to get the results? I told her I'm still having problems and she said if it gets worse for me to come in. Thank you again!!

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The turn around time at Quest is 1 day from the thime the test is set up.

It should just be a few days, at most.

Good luck!
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Well,my doctor said I don't have lyme disease..it's back to the drawing board again. I'm so frustrated because I don't know whats going on. My doctor said I have a false positive,what does that really mean? Here's my results:

Borrelia Burgdorferi Antibody with Reflex to Western Blot. Here's my results:
                        or=1.10 positive
Well mine is 1.03 H. Thats what it says on my report. And the only reactive strand that I got with the Western Blot is: 23 kd IgM. Does anyone know what my results mean? You all have a great day!!
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my last post left out somethings. or=1.10 positive
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