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Green tea??

I have heard this is good to help cure the lyme ? How does it help?
I bought some twinings pure green tea today and have had 3 cups today
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Green tea is suposed to have wonderful health benefits. But you definitely don't want a tea with caffeine in it. My LLMD said no caffeine with Lyme.

Be sure to take Vitamin D and C. Both are necessary for good immune function, which you really need right now.
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my naturopath said 3 cups a day
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I was told by my doc that caffeine is bad, but that green tea contains very powerful anti-inflammatory substances that are a great help for people with lyme. To follow the no caffeine rule, he advised green tea extract capsules.
I'm sure you caould find those in a health food shop. The other thing that he said can be used as an alternative is grapeseed extract capsules, in fact they are even better than green tea.

They sure as heck won't *cure* lyme though!

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