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HELP-Severe Sleep Deprivation- Lyme

I have Lyme disease and related infections- mold, heavy metals, parasites, liver and Pancreatic flukes, etc..

I have had severe sleep deprivation for over a year now. No doctor has ever heard of someone as severe as me. I have not been able to drive for over a year and am completely isolated and alone.

I have lost the last year plus of my life.

I have tried all sleep meds, inclluding natural stuff and all drugs that are supposed to make me drowsy.

I can never fall asleep on my own and can never nap. I have gone for days with 0 sleep. Otherwise it has been only 1-2 hours, or at the most 4-5 on a good night.

Lately it has been only getting 0-2 hours.

I am non-functional and do not know what to do.

Anyone out there like me suffering from debilitating sleep deprivation??

Any suggestions?
Looking to connect with others who are fighting this disease.
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

I am very sorry to hear what you are going through.  May I ask what kind of MDs you have been seeing, especially those who are your main MD(s)?

Are these Lyme specialists, or neurologists, or ....?  
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I pasted a link above in this message concerning Lyme disease and insomnia.  Don't know if you have seen it or if it is helpful.  If this site blocks out the link (which it often does unless it is a link to another post on this site), then search for

                      ---      insomnia and lyme disease        ---

on this Lyme page.  You could also try searching this site only for

                      --- 742472 ---

which is the ID number for that specific post.
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I have insomnia very badly. Many long term Lymie's do. A natural doctor called it adrenal fatigue. It is very debilitating. i use to se Ambien but that didn't even work after a while. I am trying natural things without much luck.
Mainstream Docs don't ususally recognize this so if you can find an ND you could go that route. For me, there is no easy cure.
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I have read also that Lyme can affect the whole endocrine (hormonal) system in the body, and that has an effect on the ability to sleep.

I just searched online for --- lyme disease endocrine dysfunction --- and got a lot of interesting links.
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I had to give in and take ambien because my sleep is so bad recently which makes me feel very ill during the day. You can't heal if you don't sleep.
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I have seen 2 Lyme Literate doctors and they do not know how to help me. One tried antibiotics and with the other meds I am on- caused life threatening reactions. Now, my blood pressure is extemely off the charts and am on meds.
Have seen Neurologist and Sleep Specialits- no one can help. have tried every med out there.
Don't know what to do.am isolated and alone all the time. Afraid I may die soon.

Have you ever heard of any herbals helping??
Have you ever hear of i.v. Rocephin and hyperbaric oxygen helping? Not sure what is causing the horrid sleep deprivation- which infection. Cannot go on like this.

If you post a reply to this where do I find it on this site. ?? Cannot think

Thanks Nancy
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