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Has anyone had bone loss?

I had my right hip replaced 4 years ago and now my left side is bone on bone and I will eventually need a left hip replacement. My neck is a mess as is my back. Just wondered if I am the lucky one or do others get it along with their Lyme.?
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I don't know if this is the same thing, but...
My neck is hideous and hurts almost constantly and makes grinding and crunching noises when I turn my head. I had a scan (cannot remember what exactly, maybe it was an xray??) that found there were deposits of calcium up the inside of the bones of the spinal column in that area, which means the spinal cord is slightly compressed and as soon as there's some inflammation it is agony. About 30 seconds of air blowing on my neck is enough to trigger this inflammation and that means I have a killer headache for a week or more.
I found out too late that lyme can do this. You fail to deposit calcium in the bones and instead it just gets dumped in lumps any old where.

My mother has atrocious knees and osteoporosis (from lyme) and has big lumps of calcium, one on the top of her brain and another underneath her heart.
I have been reading that you need adequate vitamin K to deposit calcium in bones, so I wonder if lyme reduces our K levels somehow?? Many of the dastardly things it does seem to rely in some way on stealing nutrients.
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Gosh, that is awful!  

Now wouldn't it be something if the epidemic of osteoporosis has been brought about by .... the spread of Lyme?  

Someone posted the other day about taking Vit K supplements ... I think I'll look into it more.  

Take care!    
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I have neck problems too, plus osteoarthritis and I am wondering if any of it is Lyme? I have compression and 2 herniated discs. Everyone says you are way too young but if Lyme is the reason then nobody is too young.
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There is a guy in CA who blogs about Lyme.  He got it as a kid about 20 years ago and is finally now getting treatment.  He has degenerative discs in his spine, and he thinks it is related to Lyme.  Considering that Lyme bugs love to live in connective tissue, I wouldn't be surprised at all if some people with long term disease have connective tissue damage, such as discs, tendons, joint linings, et.al.

I haven't seen any studies on this... just observations from people with Lyme.
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I wonder what the mechanism is that keeps the body from laying down new bone.  Lack of .... some mineral or vitamin (someone mentioned Vit K yesterday, as I recall) may be the ingredient that the bugz use up that breaks the process of building bone.

I don't remember any of my (many) elderly relatives having bone fractures like people do now.  Hmmm.
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That is very interesting. I had back surgery 20 years ago too. Thanks Rico
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