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Has anyone tried Dr Zhang's Chinese herbs?

My LLMD told me about Dr Zhang at my first visit and said some patients had great success with his Chinese herbal remedies. I never paid much attention until several Lyme friends who see ILADS docs told me that their doctor recommended one or more of his herbs. I am taking his herbs for Bart's. It's only been a month so I can't tell a difference. I do have bad insomnia and was up to taking 2 ambien a night. Now I take Dr Zhangs sleep herb and it really works. I found out his phone consults ( since I am not near him in NYC ) are reasonable but the monthly herbal charge is a bit steep. I take a lot of supplements now and pay a good deal of money. I would like to talk to someone who has actually been on his plan. I have his book and Dr Weil and Dr Burascano speak well of him.
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Do you know what is in his herbs for Bart?  I am on two herbals for Bart: Abart and BLT.
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It would be great to hear more about these approaches -- if as you go along you would post your experiences and thoughts in general, that would be very interesting, anyone who is on herbs.

I wonder if taking both (Chinese and/or other) herbs along with antibiotics can cause problems/issues/interactions?  A chemical is a chemical, whether it's food or pharmaceuticals or herbs.
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I researched this a lot and talked to two doctor and these herbs are completely safe and can be taken with "western" meds. Dr Zhang has some that have "ABX" features and the medical community here, Burascano included, don't think of these as pharmaceuticals. When I saw his quotes and a couple other ILADS docs comments, I became very interested.
Rico, the Bart's herb has houtuynia Chordata thumb. This may be spelled wrong since my eye sight is bad. I will always put it out there if I find anything but I am not 100% sold yet to switch over all the way.
If anyone has gone herbal all the way, I agree, we would love to hear about it.
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Oh forgot to say, these herbs don't hurt the liver and are not addictive.
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