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Has anyone tried teasel root tincture?

I was wondering if anyone has tried teasel root tincture for chronic Lyme disease ?  Lately my brain fog and fatigue has been elevated so I googled some holistic dr's and Lyme disease. Teasel root tincture came up.
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I see no one else has answered you. I'll answer you but I'm sorry I've never tried teasel root tincture. I'm a believer in the antibiotics only route for healing--- with some adjunctive supplements.

If I were to try teasel or any other herbal protocol I'd look into Stephen Harrod Buhner's protocols.

****.org will probably have people who have used it and either swear by it or hate it. I can't give the link, it's against the rules here but I think you can find it using Google.

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Yes, my lyme doc in Europe prescribed it and uses it for many patients who cannot tolerate antibiotics.
He has his own mix that adds other herbs too, as this is more effective than using it alone.
It worked well for me and had no side effects, but after a year I got a bad flu and had a horrible relapse.
I also have bartonella and my own experience was that it was not effective against this infection. I think it is much more effective if you only have lyme.
I'm not sure if this is exactly the info you want, if you want to ask more specific questions I'll try to help!
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I appreciate you both sharing your ideas. Today was a better day for me health wise. You'd think after 3 1/2 years I'd figure out you have good days when one thinks maybe your body will balance out then I get hit by the constant reminder ( sometimes worse then other days) what Lyme has done. I was treated by an infectious disease dr with doxy 100mg twice daily x 4mo. Then dr added ceftin 1000mg twice daily for another  3 mo. Then the last 10 days added tindamax as a cyst buster then ceftin continued for another 3 wks. I was very fortunate to find that dr back in jan of 2009. I  sometimes wonder if there isn't something we missed as I am not 100 percent.  But when I get frustrated I find myself coming back to this forum just to make sure I'm not missing some new breakthrough :)
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About your Lyme treatment, you say:  "Then the last 10 days added tindamax as a cyst buster then ceftin continued for another 3 wks."

I wonder if that was long enough to smash enough cysts to eradicate the Lyme bacteria.  Their reproductive cycle, when they are most susceptible to antibiotics, is quite long compared to 'regular' bacteria.

You might consider a work up with a different LLMD, just to be sure.  
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Ah, I see I misused the rules of MedHelp again. Oof! When will I learn. I thought that it was only when giving the entire 'link' of another forum was forbidden. Now I see I got the asterisk treatment again for just the name. LOL.

Can't even mention the name. I'll learn, eventually. I'm trying!
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I have reoccurring Lyme. Yes, I was ending my 18th weeks of antibiotics and at the doctor's office for a follow up (third dose of antibiotics) and told the doctor of the returning skin crawling sensation that oddly returned along my neck and shoulder (one of the symptoms I had with Lyme) that had gone away when I began taking the antibiotics. Using 3 drops per dose 3 times daily (up to 15 drops per dose currently). After my first dose of teasel, the crawling skin sensation stopped.

I would be careful with teasel extract and only use it under a doctor's direction (Lyme disease specialist). It worked for me. I haven't had any side effects that I'm aware of with this medicine. It tastes awful, if not diluted properly, but would still take it undiluted (which one doesn't do), if I knew it would to keep my Lyme disease away.

Who ever would have thought that spiny weed with the pretty flower would have such medicinal value? Best wishes and again be under the supervision of a qualified doctor.
I  meant that I was started on Teasel extract (instead of another round of antibiotics) with 3 drops per dose for one week, and increasing the number of drops for each dose. After the first dose, my skin crawling sensation stopped.
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