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Herbal treatment vs. antibiotics

I have had Lyme's probably 15 years, finally diagnosed. I have been trying herbal treatments first, I figure I can always go to antibiotics later, if the herbs dont' work.  But antibiotics don't always get every last spirochete either, especially in a long-term infection like mine.   In which case, I will want my gut flora/immune system as strong as possible.  Which means go with herbs, not gut scouring antibiotics.

Anybody have some experience with this conundrum? Good or bad results from herbal stuff?

P.S.    I am VERY VERY lucky that my main symptoms are fatigue and brain fog,  if I had insomnia or pain like others describe, I would be pounding on the door for the strongest  antibiotics they have...

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I also have a long term illness. I started with antibiotics that I did for 2 years before switching to a natural protocol. I am doing better with the herbs but have the horrible insomnia you spoke of.
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Glad you're doing better with herbs!  Were the antibiotics worth it?
Have you found anything to help with the insomnia?

I am looking at trying some Cat's claw and Houyntunia.  I really misspelled that one, but I'm sure you know the one. Seems like not a high probability of success, but not going to do me a lot of damage if it fails...

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Abx did help. I take hottunyia for bartonella. Samento and Banderol have been studied and kill the Lyme. I would look into the Cowden protocol.
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Sorry forgot to say, nothing yet to help the insomnia.
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I believe the ABX did help. Hottinunyia is very good for Bartonella. I take that. Samento and banderol are very good for killing the Lyme.
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Thanks, I will try them next!  I just did a re-test of my Bartonella - the herbal stuff I was on the last 6 months didn't do the job. But, I got pretty run down on it, so I am taking a break from meds, until I can get built back up.

This Lyme's and associated is a tough row to hoe, no doubt. The uncertainty around treatment, and  lack of accurate testing make it doubly difficult to manage. Nice to hear you all got thru it!
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